More Splinter Cell Conviction 'Hacked' Website Details

Following on from the details revealed as part of the 'hack' on Monday, new info has appeared on the site today.

Find out about two new characters, a PMC and a new weapon.

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Maticus3242d ago

Loving the look of that new weapon

dgroundwater3242d ago

You know it's good marketing. Ubisoft has serious PR gurus. They make every effort to construct slick ad campaigns.

AndyA3242d ago

Sounds like there's so much more to the story than we initially thought. Dead daughter: meh.

Fyzzu3242d ago

Much as I don't normally get into viral campaigns, this actually all looks like stuff that will appear in the game. Thumbs up.

AndyA3242d ago

If this is info that will actually appear in the game then fair play to Ubi, great marketing idea. If not, complete waste of time.

3242d ago
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