GamingBolt: Little Big Planet Review (PSP)

GB writes: "Little Big Planet on PSP® is a near complete clone of its predecessor; that is if you consider a lobotomized clone a true clone."

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Dan GamingBolt3242d ago

Well theres no doubt the ps3 game is much better!

GWAVE3242d ago

I feel the 6.5/10 score is very very harsh. I've been playing this on my PSP and it feels like 90% of the PS3 game with some added tricks and gizmos.

I'd rate it a 9/10, and I'd rate the PS3 version a 10/10 (like I said, LBP PSP is 90% of the PS3 game).

gameseveryday3242d ago

agreed on that! And that's obvious really. The ps3 has much more power than the psp.

Dan GamingBolt3242d ago

but still if your a fan of the ps3 game i think people should get this

Ju3242d ago

I played the demo and IMO it just felt right. I liked it a lot. That said, I don't have the PS3 version any more, but I might get it for the PSP ASAP.

I am not sure, why the score gets knocked for games, which are available on the PS3 but for obvious reasons play different on a handheld (see Grand Tourismo PSP). I mean, a portable game has different goal settings than a game you can play at home where you have time and all the infrastructure you need.

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Assassin Nawabi3242d ago

oh looks like i wont be getting that one

cliffbo3242d ago

oh, so you are ignoring all the great reviews in favour of this review making your mind up. go away Troll

gameseveryday3242d ago

I am not too sure whether I will be bringing this for my psp. I will have to wait and watch!

DigitalAnalog3242d ago

Played the demo and I think it's worth the purchase. Portable LBP, portable Final Fantasy, Portable Assassin's Creed, it's a portable system.

What else can you demand for a 3-6 hour life on a system?

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