Rumored PS Store Content for 12/03/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"After such a large update (and early) update last week and this week being the week after a major Holiday, don't expect a massive update to the PlayStation Store. In fact there is very little confirmed and even less rumored content. The star of this week's update is the Bayonetta Demo. Make sure to check it out."

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Lifewish3339d ago

Yup not much to this update

guitarded773339d ago

If CoD Classic makes it in.. that will make it a little better.

3339d ago
unrealgamer583339d ago

pixel junk shooter next week and dantes inferno demo, so i'll be straight with burnout until next week.

ps. if anyone wants to play some nurnout my psn id-unrealgamer38

DoucheVader3339d ago

Is that definitely next week?

I am totally ready for some more PJ action.

madmonkey03339d ago

yep another quiet week. i hope they add some big things for the xmas season.

butterfinger3339d ago

for some sort of decent PSP content this week, but last week was still plenty enough for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.