Sony Offers Gamestop Managers Prizes For Pushing PS3 Units

Is this a sign of Sony getting desperate or just being nice? Sony assigns a target sales number for each Gamestop store. These numbers are rached by looking at the PS3 average sales numbers from April of this year. The store manager in each district that sells the most PS3 units above the Sony assigned goal will be recognized as the winner. The manager who wins is then awarded 20,000 points to use on the Sony/Gamestop rewards website. On top of that, the manager of the number one store in the entire company wins an additional 10,000 points.

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ITR4739d ago

Someone should tell EBGames then.

All they push in the 3 stores here is Wii, 360 and DS Lite.

I wonder what the assigned goal is? I hope it's not more then 4 a week.
Heck at Super Target we were lucky to sell 2-3 a week.

gta_cb4739d ago

yeh there are a couple stores in my town and the main one which is called GAME only manages to sell about 1-2 a week "at most" but yesterday another store had managed to sell 3 that day.

gta_cb4739d ago

"Is this a sign of Sony getting desperate or just being nice?"

well im not to sure, i went into town yesterday to some local retailers, and they said that the PS3 still isnt selling that well, maybe 1 or 2 a week at most in one store, but in another store they sold 3 that morning.

but then they also say it doesnt pay to be nice in the world of business... although you got to admit it would be nice to have a price cut =p

i also said about the rumours about a price cut as sony are cutting the price of there standalone BluRay players, but they said they still dont think there is going to be a price cut anytime soon.

ITR4739d ago

A price cut now would be too soon...maybe next yr when the big games hit next fall.

I'm still waiting on rumble and GT5(which gets delayed about every 3 months).
Still not sure if one game is worth the purchase of a PS3 though.

nice_cuppa4739d ago

its hardly fair trading is it.


ITR4739d ago

Sony does this with Target too. Basically you take quizzes online and once you prove your Sony knowledge you get points..which you can use to get t-shirts, games, PSP and etc..

I guess they figure the more you know the better you can sell.

Stormflood4739d ago

Blocking the sales of competitors products would be illegal, but giving healthy incentives to promote your own product isn't. It happens all the time, and is beneficial to both manufacturer and store.

darx4739d ago

I thought that the next-gen didn't start until Sony said so? Based on that I figured everybody and their brother would be lining up to get theirs.

Amplifier4739d ago are "flame baiting" that is why you get a disagree, that has nothing to do with the OT

Have a good day!


solidt124739d ago

The problem with Gamestop is that all of the employees are biased. They are all 360 fanboys or Wii and they tell customers to buy them not the PS3. I couldn't believe how they talk everytime I go in the store. I have the 360 and the PS3 and I think they should tell people the advantages of both system and let them make the decision instead of steering them toward there favorites. Hopefully this will help stop some of the steering and they will start telling the facts, but I doubt it.

FirstknighT4739d ago

"The problem with Gamestop is that all of the employees are biased. They are all 360 fanboys or Wii and they tell customers to buy them not the PS3"

HAHAHA, that has to be one of the stupidest excuse yet!!! HAHAHA, keep them coming sony dummies! :)

Kleptic4739d ago

While I disagree that ALL are biased, I have to admit the local store in my area is far from friendly with choosing...

I only go in there to find really old games used for like 3 bucks...If I can't find it new anywhere, I dig around in there for a while...its a great and cheap way to find early ps2 games that I never got around to playing...

But everytime I am in there, some coffee scrote asks me what system I have...then immediately starts chanting about the friggin' Wii...I have answered three different consoles to these gentlemen...1st I said a PS3, which got me a funny look and a "you haven't played super paper mario yet then have you"...Then I said I owned a 360...I was then informed of a game I had never hear of, Gears of something, I can't remember...Then I said I owned a ps2...which he just sort of assumed...and tried to sell me a Wii, and a 360...

its not that I care..I don't pay attention to those Wiitards opinions on stuff, especially if they are attempting to interest me in that dastardly toy...nothing against Wii owners...but I really dislike that thing...

DrunKao4739d ago

"Gears of something" that's not funni Installshield.

Amplifier4739d ago

I would have to agree whole hearted, when I purchased my PS3 back in January ran into this very thing and I didn't ask anyone's opinion just wanted what I came in there for.

Sad thing is they in all actuality they lost a sale(returned it the next morning and bought it from Wal-Mart) and they acted like it wasn't a big deal to them, so guess money isn't either.

This promotional should help kick start a better opinion of the actual product in which they sell.


omansteveo4739d ago

Thats the dumbest thing ive ever hear i work at a Gamestop we sell whats selling period. If somebody asks me which is better i tell them the truth. The Playstation 3 has tons of cool features and but no games. People walk in our stores for games not features...everybody is like wow at all of the features but then they realize that they would'nt use any of them. So they go with the system with all the games.

socomnick4739d ago

lol thats a pretty dumb excuse Im sure there are sony supporters working withing the gamestop ranks.

Grown Folks Talk4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

being as i was a manager at gamestop, i have first hand knowledge that right on the application it says "Do you like Sony, or any of their products?". if you answer yes, you are automatically deemed unfit to work for the company. i wish people would quit with that BS. all of the employees are individuals. they like whatever they like. they sell what they have in stock to sell. upper management from time to time will want a push for certain items, but if an individual tries to talk you out of buying something it's because he/she is a [email protected], not because of the company policy. half of the people are just trying to make their reserve/subscription #s and will try to BS you and say whatever they think will get you to buy something.

toughNAME4739d ago

dude common.. thats jus fukin pathetic

Kleptic4739d ago

yeah I am only speaking of the local store, which is the only one I ever go into...One of the dudes is cool, and doesn't hassle you...I am not saying that evyerone there tries to sell me stuff I don't want...its just obvious which system most prefer...whic sadly, at this store at least, is the Wii...and I am not expecting them to remember me or anything, but I remember them...and when i tell them the opposite of what I owned the last time, its funny to see how their attitude towards you changes entirely...

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