Some Blu-ray players expected to stay under $99

The struggle of Blu-ray has been documented by us at Fudzilla time and time again, but it would appear that the 2009 holiday season might be the first serious mainstream surge for the format since its release.

There were a variety of Blu-ray players that offered prices as low as $78 on Black Friday and there were loads of Blu-ray titles priced at some of the lowest prices that we have ever seen. While the majority of the Blu-ray players priced at $99 or less were older profile 1.1 less full-featured models, those in the know tell us that this trend will not last for long: expect to see the lower-end profile 2.0 players continue to hover at the $99 mark long after the holidays.

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sak5003240d ago

no need for bluray players.. HD media players like WD and Asus O!Play can any format thrown at them like mkv, divx7 etc. You have usb ports, Esata ports HDMI1.3 connectivity, lan ports etc. so you can stream directly from your pc. And Asus O!play only costs 99$.

travelguy2k3240d ago

where does one get all this HD media from? Netflix and that type of distribution is only available in the USA. I think a Bluray player is still very much relevant.

PirateThom3240d ago

Being a leech doesn't really count.