Microsoft denies black screen of death

Microsoft claims that reports that its recently security updates create a "black screen of death" have been greatly exaggerated.

British software security firm Prevx claimed last week that changes to Microsoft's operating system's registry were the most likely cause of the error. Initially both believed it was a recent patch issued by Microsoft. Now it seems that this was not the cause.

The problem was widely reported after a small number of users were presented with a completely black screen after logging on. A spokesman for Microsoft said that reports claimed that its November security updates made changes to permissions in the registry that are resulting in system issues for some customers.

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Pebz3429d ago

"Microsoft claims that reports that ... have been greatly exaggerated."

Uh-oh, this is not going to end well.

Pennywise3429d ago

Isn't that what they always say when they screw up?

erathaol3429d ago

Not always. Sometimes they try to dirty up the opponent to make themselves look cleaner.


GWAVE3429d ago

"But Windows 7 is SOOOO much better than Vista"

"OMG you haters! Windows 7 is nothing like Vista! Quit being a fanboy!"

"Windows 7 is amazing. Don't believe the liars and haters. It's great!"

"Windows 7 is worth it. Dump Vista and get Windows 7!"

All these excuses keep ringing in my head, even though all along I knew better and knew that Windows 7 would be unreliable.

Simon_Brezhnev3429d ago

i got the BSOD when i did a windows update

Mr Logic3429d ago

OMG! This is such a relief in a way. I love Win 7, but two days it stopped working and won't show anything except for a black screen. I've even tried putting in the install disk, but nothing is working. Any advice?

Simon_Brezhnev3429d ago

@Mr Logic

I even got the BSOD in safe mode. I just reinstalled Windows 7 and didnt let it update to mess up my video drivers.

IdleLeeSiuLung3429d ago

"However the updates did not do that and could not have caused the behaviour described in the reports. So far Microsoft is not seeing this as a big issue and Prevx has apologised to Microsoft for the “inconvenience” caused by its original blog posting."

Yeah, most likely your issues are related to malware so stop going to pr0n sites and you will be fine!!!

gaffyh3429d ago

I'm sure MS denied the existence of RROD for years too.

table3429d ago

Never heard of this until now but windows7 is running great for me and it's easily the best operating system i've had the pleasure of using.

gta_cb3429d ago

try re reading the article. As IdleLeeSiuLung has already pointed out it says...

"However the updates did not do that and could not have caused the behaviour described in the reports. So far Microsoft is not seeing this as a big issue and Prevx has apologised to Microsoft for the “inconvenience” caused by its original blog posting."

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jamesrocks31473429d ago

luckly i got windows 7 for free! had it once so far and i shat it!

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sagapo3429d ago

and didn't get a black screen so far. 2 screen freezes while playing Dragon Age, so I think the game caused the crashes.

Roper3163429d ago

If it has the MS name on it, you know it is an inferior product riddled with problems. That is why I despise MS as a company and try my hardest not to support them in anyway. I just am thankful they have so few quality exclusives on the 360 because it makes it much easier.

Foxgod3429d ago

Wow wait, so you mean theres something out there that is better then Windows, more accessible then Windows, better supported then Windows?!?

Why isnt everybody using it yet then?
And why is there an Office for the Mac, what do Mac users need MS products for?!!?!

GWAVE3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

@ Foxgod

Your level of delusion is hilarious. I use a Mac, a Windows Vista PC, and a Linux PC, and the least-reliable, least-accessible, and least-compatible out of those three is the Vista PC.

Oh, and OpenOffice is just as good as MS Office (not to mention it's more reliable and more easily customized and upgraded).

You want a reason why "not everyone is using it"?

Advertising and branding. Take a marketing 101 class and be enlightened.

Godmars2903429d ago

Because MS managed to create a monopoly. How else do you have instances where Photoshop and Flash are lead apps and MS copies them. Uses their industry position in attempts to circumvent them.

Xephon083429d ago


the reason office is on Mac is to sell more units, why limit your self to only windows users when you can do mac as well, there is no linux version because people that use linux use open office which is the standard for linux.

If people are willing to buy it why not make it.

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