Blast: New Super Mario Bros. Wii review

Blast Factor: The best way to sum up New Super Mario Bros. Wii is probably with something like this: Think of all of the games you have played in 2009. Let that sink in for a moment. Now name one that you think you will still be playing in 2019. Will I play New Super Mario Bros. every day for 10 years? Of course not. Will I still get an itch to play over the years, as I recall a certain level or experience? Based on my personal experiences–and those of millions of others–with Mario's other 2D platforming adventures, the answer to that is yes. New Super Mario Bros. Wii stands up with the timeless classic 2D Mario's of the past, and given how long it's been since we could say that, it's something to celebrate.

This game unifies those concepts of "hardcore" and "casual" that are tossed around by gamers and journalists alike, putting them together in one package that will bring a smile to the face of the most basic gamer and the most cynical headshot enthusiast. That alone is reason to own it, but knowing that you're getting a game that gives you a reason to keep your Wii hooked up to a television even after this generation ends is impressive too.

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