Postmortem: Twisted Pixel's Splosion Man

Twisted Pixel: Splosion Man is Twisted Pixel's second game based on an internally developed original IP. Our first game, The Maw, was well received, and allowed us to grow the company and begin making a name for Twisted Pixel. Having already pushed ourselves hard with the first game, we decided to make something a little smaller while still retaining the character and personality that our studio is becoming known for.

The character and personality stuff happened, but the smaller part didn't. For reasons described below, it was important for us to complete the game in a short time frame (six months) but to still improve the quality, presentation, and gameplay over The Maw. As a collective team, we feel we achieved these things with Splosion Man, but it wasn't an easy journey and we learned some valuable lessons along the way.

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Redgehammer3241d ago

Twisted Pixel did a fantastic job with splosion man. The game is able to engender some true "fist pumping" moments while at the same time making you want to throw the controller through splosion man's face. I get the biggest kick out of watching my sons and their friends play 4 player multi-player. Their sessions are rife with laughter, excitement and downright angst as they guide splosion man on his
coc-kamamie journey.

wow..never would have imagined I would have to hyphenate the word
co ckamamie to get by the "word nazi program"