God of War Collection: Prelude to a blockbuster - Globe and Mail review

These decidedly adult sword and sorcery adventures set in Ancient Greece are, for us, what defined Sony's sophomore game console. With some of the most memorable set piece battles seen on any platform, best-of-generation graphics, and an extraordinarily badass yet still somehow lovable hero in the form of the muscle-bound pseudo-god Kratos, 128-bit gaming simply doesn't get much better.

The promise of revisiting these games in high-definition on Blu-ray disc had my thumbs pining to once again push their way through God of War's vast, fantastical environments.

One quick warning: Don't go into God of War Collection thinking you're going to get PlayStation 2 games with PlayStation 3-quality graphics. The only thing that's been changed visually is that the games are now native to 720p, which means they no longer need to be up-scaled. Consequently, the graphics look much cleaner and less jaggy than they would were you to simply plug your PlayStation 2 into your HD panel and boot up the original versions, but there's no more detail or any new visual elements.

Assuming players understand this going in, it's difficult to imagine many of them being disappointed with what they get.

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