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D4RkNIKON3245d ago


GWAVE3245d ago

But buying stuff for your virtual "HOME" is worthless I thought...

darthv723245d ago

it is the monitor from halo. I got it free with halo waypoint. He is a cute little ...thing. Flies around my head from time to time. I would like them to make it so you can have multiple "optional" items at the same time. My avatar also has a guitar but I can't have both at the same time. I would like to see my avatar play the guitar while the monitor flies around.

TotalPS3Fanboy3245d ago

Microsoft is at it again, trying to rip off the consumers.

lh_swe3245d ago

Well what about the totally stupidly overpriced items in Home? I'd say on that front both are equally intent on snatching some cash from the consumer.

I definitely don't condone this, the ones that want this are kids and kids make hasty decisions without considering the consequences.

UltimateSin3244d ago

See, i'm a consumer whore so I intend on guying everything. If that monkey flings poo, i'm sold.

vhero3240d ago

Hahaha they turning the console into a kids toybox and charging you through the nose for it. I used to think the wii was aimed at kids but OMG MS bit the bullet with this one. Big mistake though is kids havn't got cash to spend on this crap.

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FCOLitsjustagame3245d ago

Can I win one...maybe in Fable3. So where are these avatar awards that can be won. I am waaaaayyyy too cheap to actually buy any of this crp.

Johnny Jiron3245d ago

I dont even have any Halo games anymore but downloaded it cause it was free and once done it gave me 343 Guilty Spark. Yeah they really need to start throwing in some more things...I mean whats the point of buying any of this stuff? Can't really have direct control over any of it. I'd be more interested if all this stuff could be used in a Home-esque type setting, but until then none of this stuff should cost a single penny.

Speaking of which whatever happened to that free racing game? Hell the indie section makes more use of the Avatars with golfing and the weird drop game. Even DiRT2 made them a in car dashboard accessory...which is pretty much all they are right now.

Leathersoup3245d ago

Keep on dreaming. Avatar awards were something MS did just to get people interested. They have no intentions of giving anything away free. Bend over and give them your paycheck.

hatchimatchi3245d ago

let me guess, this is cool but eyepet is still stupid?

cyborg69713245d ago

Why must ms constantly lose it's credibility as a hardcore gaming machine. Come on pets seriously think about it someone got paid to come up with this crap. Just let me play online for free already.

taylork373245d ago

Unless MS is making you buy them, why does it really matter? PS3 can follow the leader and add Twitter and Facebook, but MS is making the 360 less "hardcore" because you can add pets with your avatar??

LostChild3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Didn't take them that long to turn this idea, it into an reality. It's only been four mounths. I would be flatter and all but, I just found out my original post with this same idea has been deleted from for some reason.

Good thing I keep tabs on ideas I pitch.

Ideas for the Avatar Market Place.

-Remote control props:

Starwars: X-Wing/Tie fighter
Forza3: 350z
Ace Combat/Hawx: F22 Raptor
Call of Duty: Tank
Tranformer: Optimus Prime



-Electronic Assessories


-Fun items:

Roller skates

-Country related items

Various country flags
Famous land mark buildings

-Seasonal items

Snow Ball (Avatar throws at tv screen)
Halloween Punkin
New Years party noise maker
Santa hat w/toy-bag

-Animated Avatar Pets


-Game related Avatar costumes/clothing

Dante's jacket (from Devil my cry)
military outfits (from Call of duty)
Marvel Universe costumes (From marvel comics)
Ryu/Ken clothing (from Street Fighter)

-Avatar Sports full clothing

Basket ball

Can't wait to hear they been working on the Animated Pets Idea for 2yrs. I need a laugh right now.

Bnet3433245d ago

I can't believe you actually care about that stuff. The fact that you suggested it makes me hate you. Stop giving Microsoft ideas. :P

LostChild3245d ago

I am actually against the avatar stuff. The pricing on those things are just nuts. I gave those ideas before the Avatar Market Place was fully up and running. I was in the preview/beta program. I thought half of this stuff would end up free, or cheap. But that turned out to not be the case.

taylork373245d ago


Its just more stuff for Sony to copy later....(facebook, twitter, netflix,trophies, PSN).

Stop being a fanboy and let people enjoy what they want to enjoy.

FFXI1013245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

So it is ok for you to support M$, calling M$ the leader saying Sony is copy their move and telling other people to stop being a fanboy, but is not ok for others to support Sony?

You are ****ing retarded.

rob60213245d ago

Sony's actually mentioned working on pets for home for some time, they wouldn't be 'copying' MS. Although some of you might have some vested interest in wanting it to look that way.

FCOLitsjustagame3245d ago


I love how people pretend that $ony doesnt care about money. If that were true that would be sad for gaming as they would quickly go out of business. More competition the more new ideas the better.

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OtherWhiteMeat3245d ago

Your pet would surly die from the Red Ringworm of Death.

cyborg69713245d ago

But make sure they are spayed or neutered first.

GWAVE3245d ago

Doesn't matter. They'll mail you a virtual shipping label, ask you to provide your own box, and send you a new pet in 4 to 6 weeks if you send the dead body of your old pet in.

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