Top 10 Co-op Games

This week IGN is counting down the top 10 best co-op games. Somehow, the acts of mowing down the bad guys, shredding guitars, and shooting zombies are just that much more fun with a friend. There are a lot of great co-op games that didn't make the cut, but IGN tried to represent as many different genres as we could. Read on to find out which titles they feel represent the essential cooperative gaming experiences.

The list:
10.) Ikaruga
9.) House of the Dead III
8.) Guitar Hero II
7.) Halo 2
6.) ToeJam & Earl
5.) The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
4.) The Simpsons Arcade
3.) Double Dragon
2.) Gauntlet
1.) Contra

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gta_cb4740d ago

Contra is first?! didnt see that one comming lol

KoolMan4740d ago

me neigther... i was hping for jamesbond(64) it was a top seller and mede it to book of guiness

ITR4740d ago

There is no way to beat the Simpsons Arcade without help.

You would take hits no matter what you did..anytime you went against an enemy.

That game ate up my qtrs.

Havince4740d ago

toe jam and earl

who composed this

its all wrong Top 10 my @rse

where is TMNT the arcade game, where is zombie revenge on the dreamcast (brilliant co-op game)and where the hell is GEARS OF WAR !!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.