Top Ten Disappointments of 2009

With such a stellar year for gaming, 2009 still had those disappointments that happen every year. It's time to look back at the Top Ten Disappointments of 2009.

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Nugan3294d ago

Nobody bought Wii Motion Plus? Isn't Wii Sports Resort one of the best selling games of the year? Didn't Tiger Woods sell well also? In fact, didn't all of the M+ pack-in games sell well? So, in fact, well over a million M+s have been sold.

The reason few games have been released utilizing it so far is because Nintendo failed to provide developers with the tools they needed to create M+ games in a timely manner. In fact, many devs didn't see the tech until it was unveiled at E3 '08. I'd expect more games utilizing it next year.

PirateThom3293d ago

I wouldn't.

It's still a peripheral, Wii Fit also sold tons and hardly anyone made games for it.

Motion+ is what the Wii should have been in the first place, too late to recover it now.

Saaking3293d ago

#1 would have to (at least for me) the 360's extreme lack of good games (imo).

Troll_Police3294d ago

10. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
9. Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC
8. Ninja Blade
7. Race Pro
6. Stoked
5. Halo Wars
4. Darkest of Days
3. Section 8
2. Magnacarta 2
1. Halo 3: ODST

havikzero3293d ago

How could Section 8, Raven Squad, Darkest of Days, Stoked, and Race Pro be disapointments. They were not hyped at all. Btw I liked Section 8 I found nothing disapointing about it. Was fun until people stopped playing it for MW2

kaveti66163293d ago

I agree with everything on the list except for Ninja Blade. Nobody can be disappointed over a game if they weren't excited about it in the first place.

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FishCake9T43293d ago

Sorry guys but for me it was Killzone 2. Just to slow for my FPS preference.

OrganicMachine3293d ago

just because it doesn't play like a rail shooter it doesn't mean like it's a let down.

Anon19743293d ago

I had a couple of friends that didn't like Killzone 2 either. After hearing them gripe I had to say "So basically you hate it because it's not Call of Duty, is that about right?"

I loved the game. The multiplayer just sucked me right in and it was nice to play something online that wasn't trying to be Call of Duty.

Not that I have anything against Call of Duty, but Killzone 2 was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Ravage273293d ago

we all have some of those friends :/

kaveti66163293d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees. He stated an opinion in a non-inflammatory manner. Some people like twitch shooters and Killzone 2 didn't do it for them. End of story.

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emk20043293d ago

with everything except pc gaming dieing this guy knows that it grew in 08 right, just another console idiot.

borgome3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

ya, my biggest let downs were Halo ODST and Killzone 2.

Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll

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