Call of Juarez Review

If you like cowboys, Indians, horses, call girls, blood or the Bible, then heed the call. Video review included.

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Havince4740d ago

that must mean the game is pretty close to being released

is it end of June

also, i cant open the link at work, so couls someone put tell me the review score

FCOLitsjustagame4740d ago

The game is supposed to be released today as far as I know.
The score is 7.5 but the review was generally positive. Here is IGNs Closing Comments:
"Western fans are really going to enjoy Call of Juarez, a game not afraid to take chances and have fun with itself. The atmosphere is excellent, thanks to a great cinematic score and a great variety of gameplay including horses, dueling, stealth and flat-out action. While Call of Juarez isn't particularly great in any of these areas, you have to hand it to Techland for developing one of the most fun Westerns to date. The visuals are great at times, although textures and dark environments need to be improved. When you're finished with the brief-yet-engrossing single-player game, you'll enjoy the online multiplayer, thanks to some classic modes re-created with Old West aplomb."

MK_Red4740d ago

I saw the game on PC and it was dead boring (The only western games that I ever liked were Dark Watch and Sunset Riders).

xbotsRidiots4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

wow 7.5 and i thought this was another killer app the mart was so confident would be top notch, that one article was right the ps3 although in lower suplly of games is getting better quality games than the 360. what about gun smoke? that was fun for its time :)

BOOSTIN4740d ago

dude you're retarded. This game was never meant to be a console seller. Its a PC port for crying out loud. Go play some gundam, I hear its great LMAO!!

Evil Rant Monkey4740d ago

Have you played Dark Kingdom?

Havince4740d ago

im live in Uk so it will probably be a different release date. we tend to get games on a friday and i dont think its this friday its out

XbotsRidiots, this game was never intended as a killer app. killer apps would be your halo 3, mass effect, bioshock, devil may cry etc

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