Man falls asleep on baby after all-night gaming session - suffocates her to death

"Emanuel Lawerence, 30, from Miami, accidentally suffocated his 7-month-old daughter to death, according to police reports. He had allegedly stayed up all night playing his Xbox 360, and then fell asleep next to his daughter, accidentally rolling on top of her and suffocating her.

Police say Lawrence acted irresponsibly by having stayed up all night playing videogames and smoking weed."


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Lemon Jelly3245d ago

them damn Vidya GAMES!!1!11! always killing people.

Darkstorn3245d ago

This guy is obviously an awful parent, but everyone knows you should take regular breaks when gaming for more than two hours.

Bungie3245d ago

it's not funny

but it's new

Winter47th3245d ago

Let's see how FOX's gonna spin this one.

LeonSKennedy4Life3245d ago

Shut up.

ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS hate video games just as much as FOX.

SuperStrokey11233245d ago

Not funny man, a baby is dead. I understand what you are trying to say but there are times when you just need to be respectful.

DERKADER3245d ago

What if he was up all night doing his taxes then fell asleep on his baby?

Would taxes become the bad guy?

It's never a humans fault. Those inanimate objects always get away with murder.

UnwanteDreamz3245d ago

He suffocated his kid cause he was careless.

"Police say Lawrence acted irresponsibly by having stayed up all night playing videogames and smoking weed."

See I disagree with that. The man acted irresponsibly by getting high and sleeping next to his 7 month old when the kid should have been sleeping in a crib.

Noctis Aftermath3245d ago

@derkader: Truer words have never been spoken.

killax35633245d ago

from http://www.judiciary.state....

A person is guilty of aggravated manslaughter if (he/she) recklessly causes the death of another person under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life.
In order for you to find the defendant guilty of aggravated manslaughter, the State is required to prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
(1) that the defendant caused (insert victim's name) death, and
(2) that the defendant did so recklessly, and
(3) that the defendant did so under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life.

The prosecutor will have trouble showing #2 and especially #3.

I know the website is about law in NJ and this happened in FL but as far as aggravated manslaughter goes, its pretty similar throughout the US.

Synex3245d ago

Wouldn't #2 to be that he recklessly went to sleep next to a baby?

Imtey3245d ago

If the guy had just played the PS3 instead, none of this would have happened!

Seriously though, blame it on his stupidity and the weed, not the damn game.

leila013245d ago

Forget the WEED part, the fact that he's an irresponsible idiot and blame it on the video games.

Poor child though, may her soul rest in heaven.

sorceror1713245d ago

This happens more than anyone would like, and not because of games or pot. Just heard a couple days ago about a woman who slept in bed with her infant, rolled over in her sleep, and suffocated the baby. Sleeping in the same bed with children has risks.

Of course, putting a baby in a crib has different risks - it seems if babies roll over or otherwise get tangled and block off their air, they tend to stay asleep and die instead of waking and moving like more developed children, and adults. (SIDS and all.)

That being said... taking anything intoxicating while you're responsible for a small child is highly irresponsible. Doing it when you're probably sleep-deprived anyway (the child was still waking up in the night to be fed) is just stupid. Adding to the sleep deprivation voluntarily by playing games all night... *really* stupid.

However, I've never seen a single news story get things right when I've had personal knowledge of the situation; they always screw up at least one thing. So until there's a conviction, I'll reserve judgement.

r0s3b0wl233245d ago




I wonder how the liberal soccer moms are going to use this story to ban violent video games so they can let electronics raise their kids.

gameraxis3245d ago

he'll be convicted of manslaughter because he knew the risk and didn't act to prevent it, or didn't know the risk but by a reasonable persons' standard.. should have. strait from my criminal law class.

masterg3245d ago

This actually happens a lot.
Parents should never sleep in the same bed as babies under 1½ years old. Many babies die every year because of this :(

HolyOrangeCows3245d ago

He could have went without punishment.
In Florida, Criminally negligent manslaughter is considered "Lawful", if illegal acts aren't taking place.

But I hope he gets some prison time. Suffocating a baby because you got sleepy after a halo session is pathetic and socially irresponsible.

Darkstorn3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

MSNBC reviews video games, and Keith Olbermann regularly comes out in support of gamers (especially after the Mass Effect fiasco). You should also note that Focus on the Family, Jack Thompson, Sam Brownback, Dennis Hastert, and Ronald Reagan all came out against violent video games at some point in their careers, and all are very conservative Republicans. The only Democrats that have made anti-video game statements are Leeland Yee and Hillary Clinton (and Clinton isn't even a liberal, she's very hawkish on foreign policy).
You should also know that soccer moms tend to be upper-middle class, conservative, SUV-driving college dropouts, not working class inner-city liberals.

Bereaver3245d ago

I want to say one thing about all you idiots screaming that this is so sad. You need to wake up and see the real world. Do you know how often a baby under 1 dies? How about you start counting every 20 seconds and add one.

Now, after that's over. It is a little saddening, but, I'm not going to scream if someone tries to make a little fun out of it.

When I was younger, I always heard of some parents sharing the bed with the baby and accidentally rolling over and suffocating it. But usually the baby would be under 5 months. He must have been toked out to not be able to wake up from a 7 month year old kicking and screaming.

Saaking3245d ago

If you have to take care of someone why not take precautions. There is no one to blame but himself.

Pillage053244d ago

I like how they try to emphasize the all-night gaming session rather than the weed smoking :S

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LeonSKennedy4Life3245d ago

This is just sad. What the frick is wrong with that man?


To start, he had a baby... Seriously, if you are the kind of person that will play videogames, smoke weed or whatever over fulfill your responsabilities, don't procriate, kids need more than you can afford.

Kids under 2 years old choke to death all the time thanks to stupid little actions, from sleeping with your baby in the same bed or sofa, to letting coins anywhere in babies' range.

If responsible parents sometimes commit those little uncareful actions that can cost a child's life, what could we wait from a pothead father?

Lemon Jelly3245d ago

I just don't understand why they put this stuff on here, just because he was playing video games doesn't mean it needs to be put on a video game news site. It's just here to make us feel guilty and put blame on video games. Do I feel bad for the child? yes, should it be on CNN more then N4G? yes.

Alcon Caper3245d ago

"He also later tried to cover up how his daughter died, police said."

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but snicker a little.

Very tragic case of horrible parenting, though.

Fishy Fingers3245d ago

What a negative use of gaming as an excuse. The simple fact is parents are recommended to never fall asleep with young children/babies for this exact reason, that alone is the irresponsible part.

Still, my condolences.

AssassinHD3245d ago

Don't you just love how the title of the story conveniently excludes the use of a controlled substance?

Halo_Reach3245d ago

Rest in Peace baby... and the parent should be punished...

table3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

It was a tragic accident. He was irresponsible but losing a child like that is punishment enough.

SKUD3245d ago

I have to disagree. He should be put to death.

silvacrest3245d ago

imagine the shoe was on the other foot, would you still think this justifies death?

ReBurn3245d ago

"imagine the shoe was on the other foot, would you still think this justifies death? "

Like if the baby stayed up playing games all night and fell asleep on him? Not sure what you're trying to say.

I don't think he should be put to death. I really think that he should have to live with what he's done. A much more fitting punishment.

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