Grumpy Gurevitz: Save Social Gaming as We Knew It

Grumpy Gurevitz Writes: Since the days of my Spectrum I have always had the chance to host, or go to someone else's to enjoy, a gaming session. This continued with my Amiga and in the years of the N64 to Playstation 2 it reached the apex of commitment with regular gaming sessions with four close friends.

We would spend an entire afternoon or evening eating junk food, generating lots of hot wind and playing a mixture of 'retro' and new titles on our consoles. The floor would be a mess of wires as we would have a PS2, Gamecube and Xbox all laid out in front of us. We would enjoy some nerdy banter, especially whenever the Xbox was taken out and switched on. The jokes mainly revolved around having to run the virus checker first and Bios before we could play a game. Other gags included us ribbing the Xbox owner that we were required to notify the national grid before we switched it on so they could arrange extra capacity.

These were good sessions.

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Jim Crikey3246d ago

Bring back side - by - side multiplayer!

scruffy_bear3246d ago

I bought a PS3 and MotorStorm 1 at the start got the beer in and my mates, man where we pissed when we found out MotorStorm 1 didn't have split screen multiplayer

Darkstorn3245d ago

Luckily Pacific Rift has split-screen.
I completely agree. buddies in the same house, even if it does require a slight hit to the graphics. Also, many of us gamers do not have access to high-speed internet, and would like some split-screen for when friends come over.

KrazyFace3246d ago

All I want for christmas is three other friends, a Speccy, a C64, a NES, a SNES, a Master System, a PS1, four old Game Boys with link-up cables, half a dozen arcade cabinets, a massive crate of beer, an endless supply of pizza and a cassette tape boom box in the middle of the room.

Is that too much to ask?

scruffy_bear3246d ago

Love Christmas here all we do is play every offline multiplayer game we can find

unknown_gamer3246d ago

Awesome article, love playing offline multiplayer game

Cubes3246d ago

I'm trying desperately to get some of my mates into gaming again, but due to some of them having children, their own leisure time and money are limited, so they are now a lost generation of gamers. Some of them still have PS2's but have never upgraded to the latest consoles. There are a couple who have moved away and online gaming keeps me in touch with them, which is something positive that this gen of consoles has achieved.

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