CSM: Imagine Artist Review

CSM writes: "Imagine Artist puts players in the shoes of a fledgling visual artist working under the guidance of a woman who owns a small art studio. Kids begin by learning how to trace pictures before graduating to painting, stenciling, and crafting, among other lessons. The game progresses through a six week calendar with each day offering players new lessons and challenges, such as working on commissions for clients. Most days culminate with a finished work of art, which players can save and upload to a website, as well as a skill-building minigame or two, such as one that has players tracing objects and another that involves recognizing the specific colors that need to be mixed to create others. As the game progresses players earn more paints and brush tips and the ability to create original works. They can even take pictures using the DSi camera and use them in their art (assuming they have the DSi version of Nintendo's handheld)."

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