CSM: WireWay Review

CSM writes: "In WireWay, players assume the role of Wiley Springer, a mischievous alien trying to find his way home. The object is to slingshot Wiley from one wire to another until he gets to the end of the stage. Upon completion of each of the 60 stages, players are given a score based on time used to complete the level and the number of stars collected along the way. Using the DS stylus, you pull back on the black wires and fling Wiley to the next one. The thicker the wire, the more height you're going to get, and there's a helpful dotted line to indicate your trajectory. The levels get trickier as you progress because you'll also be dodging rocks and avoiding spiky floors. In the "strategery" mode, can also create your own wires by drawing on the screen and place bumpers around the levels that Wiley can bounce off of. You can share your creations with friends, and you can also race against three other players locally."

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