Fifteen Wii Remotes Could Work with One Wii

This story requires a little knowledge of the binary number system, which in turn gives way to the final conclusion of what appears to be the sole definition of the Nintendo Wii as a "party" device.

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Marty83704247d ago

Wii could'nt handle all them players at once.

ITR4247d ago

You sure about that? In Bust a Move you can get down with 8 players.

In theory the binary scheme does work, but it would probably just confuse some players.

Bluetooths piconet will only allow up to 7 players(7 wiimotes) to connect at one given time.

So you could have seven players using the Wiimote and seven players using the nunchuck(connected to the orig seven) for a total of 14 people. Then you could add 4 GC controllers for a total of 18 players.

You would need a projection screen to play something like this.