Gaming Nexus: Nyko Wand Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Considering how ubiquitous the Wii is, you'd expect it to have as many third party controller solutions as the equally plentiful PS2. There aren't too many Wii remote-alikes on the market right now, and while you might not have a huge selection to choose from at least one company is giving you a good alternative to Nintendo's controllers. Nyko's track record on the Wii is already excellent, with standouts like their can't-live-without-it charging station and the Wing, a Virtual Console pad that is vastly superior to Nintendo's cheapo Classic Controller. The Nyko Wand, though, might be their best Wii product yet."

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SactoGamer3234d ago

I have three Wands and prefer using them to the Nintendo-brand Wiimote.