EA: We Won't Bring Every Franchise To Wii

Electronic Arts worldwide studios COO John Schappert says that EA will be selective in determining which of its brands make the jump to Wii:

You're not going to see every franchise taken to the Wii. Rather than bring the entire portfolio of titles, some of which won't translate well, we're taking those dollars and making original software.

Regarding whether or not future EA titles will be able to make use of Nintendo's Mii characters, Schappert told Wired News: "We like the Miis. It's a discussion that has to happen with Nintendo."

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PS360WII4571d ago

I'm sure Nintendo is happy about that too. No one really wants all of EA's games. Am I right people?

Hectic_Kris4571d ago

i dont even want a Wii unless someone gave me one for free with alot of games

PS360WII4571d ago

You'll be missing out on some great gaming but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if it has nothing to do what so ever with the article posted...

ItsDubC4570d ago

The chances are high that EA will also have franchises on the Wii that won't ever make it to the PS3 or 360. The recent formation of EA's casual gaming division is an obvious move to cater to the Wii and/or DS. This division would've been created a long time ago if past systems were as successful in promoting casual gaming.

texism4570d ago

That's more like it EA. We don't want recycled crap