CSM: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Review

CSM writes: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (along with the latest in EA Sports' FIFA franchise) is the most realistic soccer game on the market. The sheer number of teams, modes, adjustments and options available is staggering. Players can create teams and manage them through a career, host tournaments with up to 32 players, and much, much more. The basic controls are simple enough, with dedicated buttons for long pass, short pass, shoot, and to switch the player you're controlling at the moment. There's also a 360 degree control scheme that lets players move their athletes in any direction on the field. On defense, buttons control slide tackles, player switching, dashing, and the goalkeeper. These are all standard moves, but advanced players can add variations on these with double-taps and button combinations that form literally hundreds of different moves, passes, and shots."

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