Japanese PS3 Game Playable On Psp

Sony has announced that Mainichi Issyo, its free PlayStation Store PS3 download, can be played on the PSP via remote play. By activating remote play, you can interact with Toro the cat through your PSP wherever you manage to find an internet access point.

So does this mean that we can look forward to Heavenly Sword and Lair on the go? Probably not. Mainichi Issyo is a passive game where you simply select options from a menu and watch the results. There's little concern over lag. In fact, the few timing-based mini games in the game are not compatible with the remote play feature.

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Lord Anubis4739d ago

sony should "officially" announce the remote camera view.

KoolMan4739d ago

giving me a reason to buy a psp, im out most of the time and I admit that i miss my ps3 and pc most of the time... and that psp can solve my problem... I stil want another price cut :D

spacetoilet4739d ago

I downloaded this after I got Folk Soul the other night. When I booted it it started accessing the internet (my dsl modem was going nuts) and it showed a progress bar. Everything was in Kana/Kanji so I did not know what the fu(k was going on lol.
I tried it like 3 times before giving up. The progress bar never got passed 50%! I thought it was downloading something.
So it was waiting for a wireless/Psp connection? AHAHAH!

I don't have wireless yet. :(

PS360WII4739d ago

ha yeah that's pretty much what I went thru too. lol I had no idea what was up

MetalProxy4739d ago

I noticed the same thing. I had no clue what the hell was taking so long.

KoolMan4739d ago

u got no idea how happy i am to see sony is actually doing something nice with the psp... to much to offer for a handheld dont u think?

QuackPot4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

At least the future PsP2....

The PSP2 should double as a Ps3 controller and have motion control and rumble. It should allow you to use your Ps3 entirely from the PSP - portability within the home.

It'll be awesome playing Warhawk in the comfort of your lounge with the HD TV & using the PsP2 as the controller then being able to take the game outside in the garden enjoying the rays - with no stoppage in play using the psp as the monitor as well. Again, awesome.

Now do it Sony before Microsoft copies my idea. This is an inevitable evolution of gaming.

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