Battlefield Bad Company 2 and 1943 system requirements revealed

The system requirements of the PC versions of Bad company 2 and Battlefield 1943 have been revealed. Both games are based on the current version of the Frostbite Engine. The minimal specs list a Core 2 Duo with at least 2 GHz and Geforce 7800 GT or Ati X1900. Recommended are a quad-core CPU and a Geforce GTX 260.

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thabigboss3331d ago

looks like ill be able to max this hopefully with dx11 though.

Nihilism3331d ago

Seeing as the min/recommended spec are always 'loose' in their descriptions, this game will be brutal, I think it might even be as punishing as crysis. It looks pretty amazing from the video's, I can't wait, i'll be pissed if it runs like sh** though

TheIneffableBob3331d ago

I've noticed that system requirements have been getting more "truthful."

The recommended requirements are probably what are needed to run the game on high settings at 60 FPS. (The game does run on consoles, after all). Max settings will obviously require a DX11 card.

tdrules3331d ago

Jeez these are brutal, I got a quad core and a gtx 260 only a few months ago.
If this game isn't as optimized as Crysis count me out :/

Nihilism3331d ago

I hope it is optimised, because crysis has an 8800gt as recommended and we know how well that played crysis... probably a 28frame average on high (not very high)

HammockGames3331d ago

@ dchalfont

You speak the truth. I upgraded to an 8800 GT around the time Crysis came out thinking I was sitting pretty. Ha! It played the game decent, but cranking up the settings brought that card to its knees.

Hope this game doesn't do the same to my GTX 275.

Nihilism3331d ago

yeah I had an 8800gt when it came out, I thought I was hot sh!t because i could play GRID with 16qaa....crysis told me I was not> i actually used to play it on high though, I don't know how I could stand it, I've started going for 60frames> graphics, I run crysis warhead on a mix of 'gamer' and enthusiast now, in dx9 mode in vista, gets me 45-60 frames and looks much the same, everything on gamer except post processing, textures and objects, the last 3 are on enthusiast. 30 frames is too choppy, especially for FPS

chak_3331d ago

neat, it'll run maxed I guess :)

not dx11 though, I'll wait for that chip.

Setekh3331d ago

PC gaming sure is expensive.

chak_3331d ago

stop that sh*t already.

Does PC gamer come in every "god of wars 3 running 320p" trolling?

Just stop and game on whatever plateform you prefer/own

Nihilism3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

are you serious? a 3 year old pc could easily play this at the same quality as a ps3 etc or more, increasing the settings and frame rates is OPTIONAL.

My 2 year old PC also exceeds the recommended specs, it's not as expensive as people make out. I even play all current games bar crysis with 8xaa

KRONie3331d ago

that the visuals you get with recommended settings are faaaaar batter than the ones you get on your 'inexpensive' consoles?

You get what you pay for.

champ213331d ago

i hope you do realise console gaming is far more costly then pc gaming.

asides charges to go online, expensive accessories, high failure rates. The main reason being prices on console games are enough to make consoles expensive vs pc.

Setekh3331d ago

Hook, line and sinker.

I don't actually own any consoles but after spending a few days on this site I thought I'd test the waters and see if any of the members here are actually interested in gaming news or are just fanboys in drag just itching for a chance to defend their chosen grey box at a moments notice.

My comment was supposed to non inflammatory and of genuine relevance since most people I know on PC gaming forums are considering upgrading components in their machines so that they can play this title in all it's glory. Even myself who has been playing the Battlefield franchise on PC since the Wake island demo for Battlefield 1942 in June 2002.

Instead you all saw the comment as an invitation to froth at the mouth and wave your console flags at the gay parade.

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