Xbox 720 and OnLive - What If Microsoft Brought OnLive to The Xbox? [Editorial]

With OnLive, you practically eliminate the need to upgrade your hardware. There is no waiting for the "next-generation" since everything would be implemented server side. Given that the Xbox is primarily a game console, the only thing missing is a game streaming capability. It would be a boon to us gamers, flat monthly fee for unlimited games without the need to upgrade your hardware.

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Droid Control3335d ago

If it works, i see this as a great tool

talltony3335d ago

atleast not any time soon.

nycredude3335d ago

Sorry no buy here. I like to collect physical discs when I pay for them. I already feel ripped off paying for cable, which this is exactly the same as, except in game form.

Hellsvacancy3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Anythin Microsoft tries fails miserable, this will b no different

beans3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

This service sounds like something Sony needs to purchase to get on even playing grounds with live.

mauleriscool3335d ago

If anybody can jump in on this they have a gold mine for the future.....if it works 100% perfect.

Blaze9293335d ago

More like "What If Microsoft Bought OnLive for the Xbox?"

But seriously, that would be hella sweet. Whoever jumps on this will be smart

StanLee3335d ago

You know, I wrote an article about this months ago. Given Steve Perlman's past relationship with Microsoft, it's plausible but I think Microsoft would be much more inclined to evolve XBox Live into a similar service rather than buying OnLive since Cloud gaming isn't restricted by patent. I think Sony is developing their own model as well.

JhawkFootball063335d ago

I wish gaming never comes to this. I actually really like having physical media. I rather take physical media over anything anyday. If gaming comes to having playing games through an online service, or downloading games.. then i will miss being able to bring that game over to a friends house, or having that excitement coming out of the store with the physical game in my hand

anh_duong3335d ago

on-live or on-lag will not work in a real environment. internet speed not up to scratch yet.

ThanatosDMC3335d ago

I wonder how it'll look graphically when it's being streamed.

D4RkNIKON3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

You can bring it to a friends house. You can essentially play anywhere there is an internet connection. PC will play the games through the internet and the onlive console is for connecting to the TV. Bring the tv adapter or just use your friends computer. The thing is you will need a good internet connection for lag less gaming, but your PC doesn't have to be top notch because the processing is done else where via cloud.

@anh_duong - The key word there is... you guessed it "yet". This will be the future of gaming and it will open up doors for sure. The question is how soon will we get it.

darthv723335d ago

the games will always be limited to whatever level of hardware is being used for the duration of the service. While it would make it basically like cable tv, games are an evolving medium. Requiring new hardware to get better and better image quality and details.

Cable tv is cable tv. There is no evolution to that other than resolution from SD to HD and soon 3D. All onlive does is simplify the delivery of new content but you will still be required to upgrade the "box" at some point to keep pace with evolving programming of the developers.

Unless we all want the current image quality to be the norm for the next 15-20 years? Even sony and their "10 year" plan is stretching it. Without the ps3 and 360 would we really be happy with PS2 level of graphics even into 2010? Once you see the future of gaming, you really cant look back. It only gets better and that requires new tech not just new content.

DeadlyFire3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Why everyone jump and say Onlive. There is a few videos of OTOY being demoed with Xbox 360 controller and phone that supports Windows Apps. Someone should be looking at that instead of OnLive for X360. OnLive is still open though. They said they would partner up with anyone. Its very likely they will partner with Sony and Nintendo and Maybe Microsoft. Nothing official is said yet. I doubt this generation will be supporting cloud gaming, but its possible. Next generation consoles are more likely to start with big support for it. < OTOY mobile with X360 controller. < OTOY TV demo with X360 controller.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft announce OTOY support at E3 2010 or 2011. Although from what I have seen its not likely OTOY will launch until 2011 or 2012. So noone knows just yet.

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Ninji3335d ago

That's like saying "What if Sony brought Nintendo to the PS3?"

3335d ago
Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3335d ago

Let's all hope it's not this much...

Raoh3335d ago

an example would be micrsoft's issue with BBC Player, MS wanting to charge for something that is free. Same with Valve DLC.

If they want to charge you for something free, imagine things we would be willing to pay for.

Hideo_Kojima3335d ago

You will be able to get the hardware extreamly cheap because all it does is stream video to your screen.

However the monthly subscription will hurt.

FYI you can also just play threw your web browser so you don't even need
hardware and everyone has a web browser that can stream video clips.

dawgsfan1173335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Do you ever sit and think about how much gamers pay these days. For a single game it cost $60.00 new. Think about it. In the last 2 months even if you only bought the majaor titles you spent a small fortune. Uncharted 2, Rachet and Clank, Assassains Creed 2, MW2, Halo: ODST, L4D2, and Demon Souls would cost you $420. That is only the games that averaged like a 9 rating. It doesnt account for any sports games or racing games. A service like this that cost maybe $100 a month really wouldnt be that bad.

gamingisnotacrime3335d ago

just look ate the HDDs, pay for online gaming. Is a company policy well established in this gen

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Hanif-8763335d ago

I'd never buy a gaming console if i couldn't play it offline!

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