PS3 Accounts For 10% Of BBC iPlayer Viewing

The PS3 version of the BBC iPlayer, which launched on September 1 as part of the console's most recent firmware update, already accounts for ten per cent of all iPlayer viewing, the public service broadcaster has said.

"User response to our new iPlayer for PS3 has been amazing," said Anthony Rose, controller for BBC Online Media Group and Vision. "Although it's less than a week since we launched, iPlayer on PS3 now accounts for a massive 10% of all iPlayer viewing, overtaking Mac (8.5%) to be our 2nd most popular platform for IP-delivered content."


Submission was incorrectly altered to refer to an old Edge article, which details the first week of September.

Please refer to the AATG article, which details the entire month of October.

Title should read 6%, not 10%.

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WildArmed3243d ago

lol too bad my request is always denied :(
not available in US =/

Venatus-Deus3243d ago

I'm pretty sure you can play it through a proxy in the ps3 browser. not tried it myself as i'm british, however a canadian on my friends list says it works. I guess theres no reason for him the make that up.

redsquad3243d ago

I can't be bothered running an aerial up to my bedroom so use the BBC iPlayer all the time - Way better than watching on a PC screen. Hope more service shortcuts get added to the XMB soon, as it's quicker than bookmarking the sites myself.