Sony, which appears to have struck out in its effort to introduce the UMD format for playing movies on PlayStation Portable devices, will begin shipping its tiny Memory Sticks along with a conventional DVD containing four Sony movies, Hitch, S.W.A.T., The Grudge and XXX: State of the Union beginning next month. "This collaboration with Sony Pictures provides a quick, simple way to get a full-length movie onto Memory Stick media at no extra charge," Mike Kahn, senior manager at Sony for Memory Stick Media, said in a statement.

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TheMART5448d ago

Not only UMD is no hit, read this:

"The survey was conducted from June 28 to July 2 by Ipsos-Vantis, a company that specializes in forecasting demand for new products and sizing emerging categories. They have evaluated over 1,200 new consumer electronics products worldwide and have successfully predicted the size of the overall market and the individual platforms in emerging categories including DVD. Ipsos-Vantis forecasts have been tracked extensively against in-market sales, and have consistently produced a level of accuracy that is unmatched by any other firm in the world.

1. In response to the question “Which statement best describes how likely you would be to buy an HD DVD player,” respondents were over seven times more likely to buy an HD DVD player vs. a Blu-Ray player when all studios support both formats.

a. 57% would definitely or probably buy an HD DVD player vs. 8% for Blu-Ray.

b. 25% would definitely buy HD DVD vs. 2% for Blu-Ray.

2. Purchase interest in HD DVD remains three times higher than Blu-Ray -- even without HD DVD studio support from Disney and Fox.

a. 56% of respondents would definitely or probably buy an HD DVD player vs. 18% for Blu-Ray.

b. 20% would definitely buy HD DVD vs. 6% for Blu-Ray.

3. The main reason consumers prefer HD DVD over Blu-Ray is its superior value.

a. In response to the question, “Which statement best describes how you feel about the value of an HD DVD player,” nearly 57% of respondents indicated that HD DVD was a “very good” or “fairly good” value vs. 14% for Blu-Ray.

b. Conversely, 68% indicated that Blu-Ray was a “somewhat poor” or “very poor” value vs. 19% for HD DVD.

4. In the 4th quarter 2006, the quantity of titles in the HD DVD format is assumed to be two times more than Blu-Ray (200+ for HD DVD vs. approximately 100 for Blu-Ray). "

omansteveo5448d ago

This should totally raise red flags with movie studios how much money do they need to lose on some companies experimental formats. I mean seriously its like humm that didnt work ok lets try this now and these companies are right there following in line when they and the consumers really decide what s needed and whats going to be the future. Sony should really step back and say hey lets evaluate the market before we move forward...EX If HDTV's have a huge and consistant boost in sales, then say hey lets try this i think the market is ready for it but you cant dictate the market and say this is what were going to do and people will do or else they are going to have another UMD situation in the near future. When the market for HDTVs hits a certain mark then a new format should be introduced but not before then bc its going to blow over peoples heads completely and PS3 owners are still gong to playin dvds on there ps3

kingboy5448d ago

nothing is bad in trying and i bet zune will be the flop of the century lol!