FIFA's Joe Booth: 'nothing's wrong with PS3'

EuroGamer got to sit with FIFA 08 producer Joe Booth on all the facets of the next-generation soccer title.After diving into general details about new points of views introduced by the "Be A Pro" mode, Eurogamer dropped the big bomb. They asked which of the next-gen platforms was FIFA 08 more easier and better to develop for.

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Lord Anubis4740d ago

of course there's nothing wrong with the PS3, what kind of imbecile would think there is.... :|

WIIIS14740d ago

There's nothing wrong with the PS3 is probably the best news ever for PS3.

ALIEN4740d ago

Can you guys help me?

What do i have to do to get psn (playstation online).

Lord Anubis4740d ago

Click the sign up icon on the the system after you turn on the system.

Kaneda4740d ago

make sure you connect to internet...20 gb...need to hook up ethernet cable...or 60gb set up the wireless...

then sign up to PSN...log in...Done...

KoolMan4740d ago

"iIt's almost like people have been very anti-PS3 in the media"
this is a particular sentence that cought my attention, I been asking my self since i got a ps3, why people attack ps3 more than other consoles, i know ps3 is not ahead or got any awards for being the best system of the year so whats really the reason for anti-ps3?

other then that what Joe Booth said is true:

Joe Booth:I don't think it's as bad as we've made out as developers. What I think it is, is it's just expensive. We've had a huge investment. I don't think we've added any 360-specific rendering features this cycle. Certainly the visuals have got better through better use of the technology, but it's all been about optimising and making it work for the PS3.

soldier sean4740d ago

....everyone supporting the underdog (Xbox) this generation .... why? because they have listened to their american fans ...same reason why developers cater to us hardcore fans....because we support them with our purchases.

Rockstar4740d ago

There is something about being number 1 that people hate, in this case the PS2, hence they want the PS3 to fail.

If XBOX had been number 1 last gen they would want the 360 to fail.

If the 360 comes out ahead of PS3 this gen I am willing to bet they'll want microsofts next offering to fail.

That's the way the world works.

ALIEN4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Thanks! Bro.

Edit: Kaneda

Thanks! Bro.

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The story is too old to be commented.