Xbox Live at Risk?

This story makes me very uneasy about some of the people that have access to our info on Xbox Live.


Xbox Live Dev Takes Action
8 06 2007

Many of you have read the story about K2Valor and Red 001 getting banned from Xbox Live for no reason. Many people complained and K2 received an email a bit ago here’s what it contained.


A quick message to let you know that we have investigated the issue you reported in the forums several days ago. I cannot go into detail but would like to let you know that we have taken the appropriate action to ensure this does not happen again.You have my sincere apologies for what happened here.

We take this very, very seriously…


Doug Park

Xbox Support Group Manager

I’m glad to see that they acctully respond to people’s complaints unlike many other companies although this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

If you haven’t read the first article click here.

- VoLcOmKiDd911

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sonarus4156d ago

haha dats messed up. Xbox live terrorism. we better all take a stand now. no negotiating with terrorists

live3604156d ago

Yeah that is very messed up. We need some answers as to how this could happen.

eques judicii4156d ago

firstly, no one "doesn't" cuss on xbox live... secondly, if "red" got banned from xbox live, how did he send the first friend a message over xbox live?

Dr Pepper4156d ago

I don't want to be playing Xbox live if stuff like this happens, not good for potential customers (such as myself)...

LeX4156d ago

If they are removing posts from, then everyone should continuously post about the issue until a statement is made.

Schmitty074156d ago

because K2 is a fellow clan member. Very disturbing. We've had about 5 threads locked or deleted on about this issue. It is very strange stuff going on.

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The story is too old to be commented.