Meet the world's top World of Warcraft player

That's an unofficial title, though I think it's pretty safe to say that "Little Gray" has played more Warcraft than you. A lot more.

Courtesy of Gamepro comes word of the Taiwanese player's absolutely insane Warcraft accomplishments. In addition to having nabbed every single one of the game's achievements (minus a brand new one that cropped up in the game's latest patch), he's the first player to complete all 986 tasks listed in the game's Armory. Considering that over 11.5 million people play the game worldwide, that's one heck of an honor.

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The Killer3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

more like "meet the world's top no life player."


to be honest, i feel sorry for him, he really needs help, there is much more fun things in life than playing a game, for example having a nice women/girl or having sports with friends or doing a great job that brings him money or buy ps3/360 and play WITH friends at his or their home etc

i really home he get out of that game, i know its an addiction, i have some addiction to COD4 but only few hours and not every day!

MasterChief36243244d ago

This is pretty ridiculous. One of my friends plays quite religiously, and he isn't even close to getting up to these kinds of stats.

As many disagrees as I may get with this next comment, I'm still saying it:

It's unfortunate people waste their lives on this stuff. Sure it's a whole new community, a new world, with plenty of folk to interact with, but sometimes I feel like this can take people completely away from the real world. It makes them feel less wanted in the real world when all their friends in the online world are rooting for them to come back.

With dedication like this, comes life lost. Life that could have been put towards something more productive, like hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going to the movies, exercising a bit, etc.

I know saying this stuff may be stereotypical. Maybe this person really does have a good life, with healthy personal relationships all around him, good exercise plans, and a real connection with the real world... but seeing as how this is almost never the case, especially with veteran players like this, I would doubt it quite a bit.

It can be argued that World of Warcraft is "just another game". But it really isn't. As with all MMOs, it's not just another game. It's another world; a world you can really get lost in, and although this is a good escape from reality, some people might take this escape a bit further than the standard person should. Games like Halo and Metal Gear Solid are escapes from reality, but they tend to not be so addictive like MMOs such as World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online. Most people can probably pull themselves away from these games pretty easily, provided they get to a certain point in the story that satisfies them. For a lot of MMO players, that "point in the story" never comes. Because they aren't playing for the story a lot of the time. They're playing for the community and the connection.

Just my opinion... disagree away.

yesah3243d ago

He will live his life as he wants to, you are no one to say he is wrong.

Megaton3243d ago

MMO's are toxic because they require constant attention. I played MapleStory for 2 years. Never again.

Pillage053243d ago

I bet that guy has to beat the chicks away with a stick...

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Madusha3244d ago

Wow, he must play like over 10 hours a day 0_o

Nihilism3244d ago

He'd be offended if you told him that, he'd then puff out his chest and proudly say "more like 18".....

HolyOrangeCows3244d ago

I don't think so. He probably doesn't remember how to communicate with humans, much less so his own name (The one NOT used on the internets) to introduce himself.

Narutone663244d ago

interviewed him and he said on average about 14 hours a day.

Gun_Senshi3244d ago

Winning a special Olympics, but you're still a retard.

Anyway bring on FFXIV

Microsoft Xbox 3603244d ago

We all know what it takes to achieve such a thing in this game and it is NOT something you should be proud or even brag about. LOL

Nihilism3244d ago

Yeah I think i'll be willing to give meeting the worlds top wow player a miss...

anyone that takes gaming that seriously is disturbing in my books, so naturally every single korean starcraft player goes in the book of creeps, playing an 11 year old game as a national pay per view not something I look up to

zagibu3244d ago

Why should this be different from someone that invests 14 hours a day to play chess?

bacon133244d ago


you could play chess 24 hours a day your whole life and never master it. As oppossed to WOW where no skill is involved in order to progress to the end. Chess Grandmaster and WOW faux-champion are very different.

zagibu3244d ago

Hmm, ok, I give you that, but the devotion is still respectable.

N4Flamers3243d ago

you people are supposed to be gamers. Gamers should support our players and video games. Especially games that are as successful as W.O.W. You obviously have not played warcraft to any acceptable level if you think it doesn't require any skill to master. The intricacies of that game are what make it so addictive.

Oh and to posters above me, I cant recall the last time I heard someone shoot up a school and blame it on W.O.W. So while one might be more addictive than another I believe people loose themselves in twitchy games like halo and GTA.

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Admiral_Benson3244d ago

This dude seriously needs to get laid......or employed...or a social life.....or all of the above.

There's no way he's been getting any of those things based on his WOW "accomplishments"

Nihilism3244d ago

The world is a twisted place, i'm sure in the dark corners of the world there are WOW groupies *shudder* a terrible thought if true

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