Over 100,000 Visits To iView From PS3 Since Launch

The ABC just sent through some of the early figures from their iView partnership with Sony on the Playstation 3, and it's pretty mind-blowing… During the first two weeks, they had over 110,000 visits to the service from the PS3.

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Noctis Aftermath3243d ago

I was one of them, it still has a way to go but video quality was decent, i just want them to put up more documentaries, time team and that arcitect show.

chewmystink3243d ago

Yep same here I didn't notice the icon after the last firmware update I'm sure it just suddenly appeared :)
Need to up the frame rate a bit more and it will be great, at the moment compared to me streaming through a browser on a pc hooked up to my plasma is better. Should be no ps3 issues I'm sure it's just a case of the iview not being optimized for ps3 browser I do hope they fix it soon.
I'm on iinet so it's unmetered downloads for Iview for me.