Rumor: Edge of Twilight canceled

Edge of Twilight is a game we've been following a lot on Destructoid, but if recent rumors have any truth to them, the coverage may be ending without reward. The release of Fuzzyeyes' steampunk adventure game is in severe doubt, and it's being whispered that it won't ever release.

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Korda3242d ago

The Aussie game industry is in a bad way at the moment hope it isnt true we need a hit game

Dipso3242d ago

I'll be majorly disappointed if this is true.

3242d ago
BlackIceJoe3242d ago

I hope it is not because of the name Edge of Twilight. If Tim Langdell is the reason this game got canned I will be so mad. I so hope this is not true. Because there needs to be more games using the steampunk artistic direction. Say what you will about SouthPeak Interactive and not bringing out great games. But I give them credit they try different things. So I give them a round of applause for what they try. So if I am lucky this game will not be canceled.