Sony Gets A Boost Over 360 With All In One Blu-Ray Disc From Universal

Universal Studios Home Entertainment (USHE) announced today the introduction of groundbreaking dual-format discs containing both Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD versions of some of Hollywood's most iconic films. The new "flipper" discs will launch on January 19, 2010 with the blockbuster superspy thrillers The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, starring Matt Damon, premiering as individually packaged Blu-ray discs.

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Chris Hansen3247d ago

God freaking damnit, tricked again my hiphoplamer

Godmars2903247d ago

Never thought I'd be saying that to Chris Hansen.

Seriously though: the PS3 plays regular DVDs - IT PLAYS REGULAR DVDs!

INehalemEXI3247d ago

Hybrid disc, Interesting ....the future is blu.

Megaton3247d ago

I know, right? I clicked the title and the first thing I saw was that lying sack's face in the video screen. It's the N4G rickroll.

ReservoirDog3163247d ago

What more can you ask for really? I didn't know about this, now I know thanks to his website. I mean, why that's good enough really.

On the topic at hand though, this is actually really smart. If you know you're gonna buy a blu ray player in the near future but don't have one yet, that'll work. Or if you only have one blu ray player in the house.

Embracing the new, yet honoring the old. Smart move all around.

Godmars2903247d ago

There's actually been a hybrid disc around for some time. The HD-DVD camp first came out with it and were publishing them, while BR announced they had the tech, just that "the war" was over by then so they shelved it.

Unless this becomes standard with every DVD publisher in short order, this is only going to lead to confusion.

Highatus3247d ago

Way to go on calling on it HHG. It's true folks if you don't believe it.


Just few links out of many take it as you will.

Serjikal_Strike3247d ago

but wasn't HD-DVDs dual format also?

not that it matters anymore...but i thought i seen it on a hd dvd package at one point!

INehalemEXI3247d ago

yeah , HD DVD rests in peace. DVD/BD hybrid is awesome , especially if you could get blank ones down the road.

MUNKYPOO3247d ago

hiphopgamer, you should try to find out what the premium psn service is about and what will it offer

shadow27973247d ago

This was the one reason I actually liked HDDVD. Glad it's finally coming to Blu-ray. I hope more studios continue the trend.

Pillage053247d ago

ahhhhhh....rickrolled again!

Guido3247d ago

Good for those who still have a DVD player but honestly, BD players are so cheap right now, there is no need for a DVD/BD hybrid IMHO.

andron3246d ago

Wasn't tricked this time, Actually it's been pretty easy to recognize HHG titles recently.

They either sound to good too be true(since they aren't), or are flame bait distortions of some factual information.

execution173246d ago

wasn't expecting it to be HHG. -_- but i was fooled

jaidek3246d ago

Actually, having a DVD side is very handy for those that have families (ie: little kids). I prefer to buy all Blu-Ray, but it becomes a niche format in that it can only be watched on the PS3/Blu-Ray player. When on road trips it is nice to be able to watch the movies on portable DVD players. Or the ability to watch the movie in another room that doesn't have Blu-Ray.

Personally I like the method that Disney has adopted...include a full DVD along with the Blu-Ray.

darthv723246d ago

I have hddvd "flipper" movies like miami vice and knocked up. Those were ground breaking for the time. This is just the convenience now for blu. A nice convenience that I have been waiting for. This should be the standard from now on. Making a single package offering both sd and hd will mean only one will be bought by both types of consumers.

Keep the prices low (under $20) and all my movie purchases will be this way. Now if they can add in digital copy support for psp would be nice. I know some sony blu movies have psp only support but no reason to be that limiting. PSP can play wmv so making the single digital copy that works on pc/mac/ipod/zune and psp will do nicely.

Christopher3246d ago

Wait a minute...

So... Sony develops the dual BD/DVD disc, options it out to the movie studios who want to move towards BD without leaving DVD9 users behind, and its the studios that are bringing this technology to Sony?

Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Chrisny853246d ago

you wannabe
if your gonna try and be like camron and wear pink like a h0moo maybe its not a good idea to play a 50 cent joint on your video. play some lil wayne cuz your not real.

and yea i feel like i got rick rolled by clicking a link on n4g and having to see your dumb mug

Greywulf3246d ago

(sideways cap)


Although im sure hes onto something, you just always get fooled by the titles.

edgeofblade3246d ago

I'm not sure this a "boost" for PS3 over the 360 as much as it is a victory for Blu-ray over... time. The consumers should be the ones happy. Now they can get their DVD's and upgrade to Blu-ray later, or get their Blu-ray now and lend the same disk to their DVD brethren.

I don't get why some people want to make this a divisive issue...

darthv723246d ago

it has nothing to do with either console. I like how he just uses them as fuel for his flames.

I see this as being good for the consumer in that you only need to purchase one copy of a movie. It does hd and sd like what hddvd offered. Nice that blu was able to walk away from the hd format war with some of the better features of hddvd. It shows that hddvd had the right ideas but the wrong backing. Now those can be implemented in the blu format as well.

Most dont realize they werent so different after all.

From a console perspective I can see this working out for both to a degree. PS3 will play the hd side while the 360 will upscale the sd side. I have to say that upscaled movies on both the ps3 and 360 look better than non upscaled. HD beats them both so go figure.

Saaking3246d ago

Sony is far ahead of MS with quality, games, innovation, and features.

Sheikh Yerbouti3246d ago

You don't need two copies if you want to play a movie on a DVD player over a friends, in the bedroom or on your laptop. Blu-ray has only conquered the family room so far. Since PS3 can play either the Ray or DVD, I'm still struggling to see why this would be a boost to the PS3.

HHG, in his exuberance, loses me sometimes, but he's no different that most of us on this site. He's just doing it better than we are.

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Maddens Raiders3247d ago

but SNE already got the ultimate boost when they mopped up the competition during the format wars. This is simply icing on the cake that's gonna *keep on coming. In the end it's just pure poetic justice that Universal was one of the last hold outs against SNE and blu-ray and now they go do something like this. Gotta love it.

3247d ago
FragMnTagM3246d ago

Probably the way you presented what you said. I guess try make it sound less douchebaggy next time.

Montrealien3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I am not dissagreing but what do you mean by mopped the floor? I mean, they did drive HD-DvD off the market for HD discs, but at the rate that blu ray is going, it seems DvD will still be wiping the floor with blu-ray for at least another, 2-3 years. To me, this Flipper disc is just proof that if Blu-ray cant beat DvD, it might as well join them.

TruEve3246d ago

Actually I've read that BD is being adopted at a faster rate than DVD was back in the day. I'm too lazy to look for the articles lol. No doubt, that DVD is still more popular at the moment. I think it remains a feat none-the-less.

Couple that with the obvious format war victory, HDTV penetration rate (only growing), and price drops, I think BD could become the mainstream format soon. I think the BDA should have done this dual-format thing since the beginning like HD-DVD.


Finally, thanks for the report HHG :). I know you have a ton of haters (not saying their thoughts & emotions are unjustifiable by their experience), but this was news to me. I'm sure some haters were even educated by this topic. Not calling out Montrealien though, as I'm not sure of his opinion. I'm an ATLien! Keep it up and keep it real bruh.

The Lazy One3246d ago

It's being adopted at a faster rate of number of units, but a slower rate by percent of market.

The market has expanded tremendously since DVD launched.

BWS19823246d ago

appears to be convinced that this is a sign that Blu-Ray is admitting defeat by doing this, but then below he says otherwise. Barring this confusion, I'd like to clarify I disagree with his assessment, this is not a sign of defeat, this is no different than the concept of backwards compatibility. You're allowing the easing in of new tech with supporting old tech. It's a wise move, and does NOT signify defeat or "if you can't beat them, join them"...I don't know how anyone would surmise that conclusion here.

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mayberry3247d ago

If they are the same price as a high end dvd, then dvd is done!

RockmanII73247d ago

DVD isn't done by a long shot. Their are still households like mine were we haven't even upgraded fully from VHS to DVD. A cool fact is that our house has 8 TV's, 4 dvd players(3 of which are game consoles), and 3 VHS players. Not everyone is rushing to have the latest tech. DVD is outdated, but it will not be done until something better than Blu-Ray is released.

PopEmUp3246d ago

Lol OMG "...we haven't even upgraded fully from VHS to DVD" Man it's like saying you haven't been out of the cave for many years XD

Montrealien3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I run a major video rental store here in Montreal, if you want I will show you guy pictures of 100s of VHS movies we still have, most of them because they have not even released on vD yet, let alone Blu ray. Right now Blu-ray is about 8% of our monthly income, VHS 2% (because yes, come people still only have a VHS) and the rest, 90%, is all DvD. The gap between blu-ray an DvD can only get smaller, but DvD is a long way of being done and dead.

and trust me, I push for blu-ray players and PS3, but the fact of the matter is that outside, in the real world, many people just don't care for the ifferences between dvd and blu-ray.

TruEve3246d ago

I don't doubt that one bit. But it could be a matter of geographic location or even store inventory. I used to be a shift manager at Blockbuster in metro Atlanta. While DVD was and still is the most popular, BD is steadily growing. Don't even mention VHS because the company got rid of that long ago lol.

I do remember one lady (think she was a teacher) looking for a movie on VHS...

What's important is that prices decrease. The BDA should make dual-layers popular or standard even.


Also, I don't think DVD is "done". I do like BD more and want it to become mainstream, and even overtake DVD at some point. But DVD will still remain for a while.

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Alan Wake3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

my ass ... all Blu-ray movies now available on marktplace

we can watch movie in full HD 1080p streaming with cheap prices

stonecold13247d ago

and xbox 36o is a last gen dvd system which is not a true high def consolse like the ps3

Maddens Raiders3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

cool I'm going to go buy an Elite tomorrow so I can watch my brand new Terminator Salvation and Pelham 1-2-3 blu-rays. Oh wait a minute, that's not possible now is it?

-- also, to whose original account does yours multiple belong?

TheTeam063247d ago

Yeah, you also don't get nearly as many options when it comes to movies. Oh, and another thing. Not all movies on Netflix get streamed in 1080p. Even if you could, it's not true HD.

Oh, and would you want to watch a movie next to running jet engine?

...Don't even try to compare those two when it comes to movies.

keysy4203247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

its upscaled fool. do you really think that compares to blu ray. netflix is streamed on the ps3 also but you think that can compare it to blu ray. no format or medium on the market compares to blu ray.

MechaZillaTron3246d ago

Marketplace on XBL does not support 1080p HD period. As a matter of fact only six Xbox 360 games have been confirmed as being native 1080p HD to date. Check your facts before speaking next time fanboy.

RedDragan3246d ago

The HD stuff on Marketspace for download/stream is nowhere near Blu-Ray quality!

I wouldn't compare blu-ray to anything commercially available! These compressed HD video formats are missing loads of data, that is why I laugh at people raving about MKV.

MKV is the DivX of today, poor quality when compared to the real thing.

SSCOOLCHEA3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

But not this fkn stupid. Keep thinking your watching tru HD with DTS coding you fkn fool .

blu ray at marketplace 1080p...LMAO GOT EM fellas ..

They are that stupid .

These are the same idiots who brag about netflix and its HD . I try it and it BLOWS . The video quality at best ( divx ). The sounds are shltty . The instant streaming has old azz shlt I can get from ONDEMAND ( comcast ) . Bots really dont know the true meaning of NEXT GEN ..

You bots really need to come over to my place and play some real games on my bravia while pumping out 7.1 from my sony reciever.

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The_Nameless_One3247d ago

It takes a very secure man to wear pink!

Sarcasm3247d ago

He's wearing red, it just looks pink because of the video quality.

3246d ago