PSX Extreme: So...What's A PlayStation 3?

The following is an exact exchange of dialogue between me and said person, who didn't exactly ask, "what's a PlayStation 3," but asked for details. Please bear in mind that she follows games the way I follow farming.

Nice girl: "So, just tell me about it. I saw some crazy commercial last night."

Me: "You really want to know? Or are you just being polite now that you know about my job?"


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mayberry3242d ago

I could guess that a very large portion of older adults(25-65+) that bought a wii, if they had a ps3 in thier house for 30 days would never go back! Hey!! sony should start a campaign "WE'LL INSTALL IN YOUR HOME FOR 30 DAYS NO QUESTIONS!" whatcha think?

Microsoft Xbox 3603242d ago

Me: "That's the Xbox 360. It dies constantly. Sorry, but it's a piece of sh** in terms of reliability. The PS3 can fail, too, of course, but it's way more reliable. Trust me on that."

I'm glad he set the record straight. lol

FarEastOrient3241d ago

Does everything?

Video conferencing
Word Processing (Through Linux)
Power Point (Through Linux)
Star Craft (Through Linux)
HD Recorder
Video Streamer (,
Computation Compiler (Through Linux, heh Government USAF)
Brute Force Hacker (Gotta love the CELL Chip)

Almost everything... I just went BOOOMMM with a DualShock 3 controller and an robot finder for IEDs!

zeeshan3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Them ads are working for sure! My nephew bought a PS3 this thanks giving from Bestbuy (he says it comes with kiddy games Rachet and LBP lol) (and he wants to buy Killzone 2) (which he can't right now) We hardly ever talk about which console to buy and he knows, I own both 360 and PS3 but he went for PS3. I asked him why he got that and he said "Well, it's free to play online". He is only 10 years old and he made the right choice. PS3 really is outshinning 360 in almost every way, even 10 years old kids can see it now!

sikbeta3241d ago

Girl: -what's a Playstation 3?

ME: -The thing that only does everything

Girl: seriously?, It probably do the laundry too, what I'm expecting to buy one...(run with ca$h in hands)

ME: -_- wait, don't take it SO seriousl....

man0fsteel3241d ago

whoa whoa whoa, mayberry, bump that age range up a bit, its more like people 35+

i'm 27, with a PS3, and I know tons of people around my age with one

heroicjanitor3241d ago

Nice girl: "Oh, I do Netflix! ...wait, I don't get it. You mean you can just rent the movies using the PS3, right?"

Me: "Rent and play. You just download them directly to the machine. No disc, no having to return it, no waiting to get it etc."

Was pretty sure you needed a disc, although it's not a new one for each movie so he's sort of right.

FarEastOrient3241d ago

Wow, I got a disagree, all those I listed can also be done by the PS3 and there are still some things that I haven't even mentioned...

Hideo_Kojima3241d ago

PS3 Slim! Doesn't do everything...
It has not linux.

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movements3242d ago

And the console you need to purchase if you haven't already

Godmars2903242d ago

And once again the PS3 regular upscaling abilities and the web browser aren't even mentioned. The internal wi-fi adapter.

Ps_alm3k3242d ago

it does do everything!!!

Including, potentially scoring with girls!

Microsoft Xbox 3603242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Nice girl: "Yeah, but don't these things always break? I've been hearing something about that..."

Perfect example to why the piece of crap 360 is giving a bad name to gaming in general.

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