New Okamiden scans

New scans posted from the new issue of famitsu. Features numerous screens from the upcoming DS title.

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Valay3245d ago

This is probably my most anticipated DS game right now.

MasterChief36243244d ago

Okami still stands as my favorite game of all-time, and I am just thankful we're getting a follow-up in any regard. I honestly never expected in a million years, that they would make a follow-up to it.

But I'm so happy they did :)

Julie3244d ago

I Love LOVE! Amy she is so cute :3

But the article pic (here on N4G) is from Okami , not from Okamiden as a puppy , i still love both >:3

Valay3244d ago

Yeah, sadly it doesn't look like Amaterasu will be back in this game. I'm just happy there is an Okami sequel, though.

fishd3244d ago

I can't belive they are making this for a handheld console

HD for the win goddamit

I want my new Okami on HD consoles:'(

Shnazzyone3244d ago

you think that making a game with a paint mechanic at it's core for a system with a touch screen and stylus does not make sense?

Not to mention... it's the only system that sold over 1 mill on black friday. Look at it this way, it's probably going to be a big success and hopefully okami will get the console sequel it deserves... probably on a nintendo system though... games with cell shaded graphics have a low chance of success matched up against the action movie stereotypes we see for ps360.

PS360WII3244d ago

It's amazing how well they captured the look of the game on the DS really. Should be an awesome play