The Age of Activision is our Winter of Discontent

Activision hates you. Do not feel bad, persecuted, or alone, in truth Activision hates all of us. While it seems like an outrageous claim it is also very difficult to argue against. From the tiny tyrant Activision calls it's CEO right down to it's most esteemed developers like Infinity Ward, Activision seems hell bent on not only sodomizing our games but our wallets as well.

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Maddens Raiders3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

since since this is *really a harangue against COD6 and not really all of the games the company puts out (I love MUA2), I suggest you keep up the pressure and make your campaign heard not by the masses here on N4G, but the taskmasters in LA @ Acti.

It's worked before to some degree for me -- and the [PS3] community and I know people [@EA] took notice of our persistent nagging and clawing.

"Ironically, there was a time back in 2007 when PS3 owners were really down on EA (for a variety of reasons) but now, Activision is in the doghouse and EA has really produced some stellar titles this generation."

to the author: I feel your sentiment and pain. I say move full steam ahead with your complaints, lest you'll continue to get steam rolled (sodomized?) by the Acti juggernaut as long as they think everything is fine.

ps - i also thought it was a bit funny when you mentioned "pitfall" & Acti in the same sentence - "and charting a new course around such pitfalls Activisions brilliant new strategy" lol

Guido3241d ago

We consumers do not have the best interest of the company in mind when we buy products, they do not have our best interest in mind when they sell product. We technically are not friends, just commerce dependant and that makes us as close to being enemies as possible without being violent.

Think about it, if they had our best interest in mind they would make the best product they could and sell it for the cheapest price taking a loss for every unit sold. They might even give it away but in the end, that is not conducive to a rising business. Adversely, if we had the companies best interest in mind, we would buy the cheapest built product for the highest price to insure they stay alive to make more cheap junk at high prices.

In the end you can see how business works and to write articles about how they hate us, well, you are dead right.

Liuqahs153241d ago

That actually is technically true lol. I love when people make me think about an issue in a way I hadn't before.

Komega3241d ago

Thanks Maddens, I was wondering if anyone would catch that.

rextyrann3241d ago

activision needs a facepalm from all the gamers to get back to realistic thinking...

now everything make sense. as a big starcraft fan myself i have been following the news about the coming release of sc2. and not implementing LAN play and support of non tournaments and leagues as we have now in sc1 in korea really looks like the same idiocy activision is doing with mw2 on pc.
i bet something similar will happen with d3 and i wont be suprised if they actually made d3 a multiplat for sure and a xboxlive experience. a action wow sort of way...

once that happens blizzard will have lost me. and i will never buy blizzard/activision games anymore. up to now blizzard had stood for quality games in each generation of gaming for almost 2 decades.
lets hope they wont follow the screwed ways of activision and follow the evil path =(

Tex1173241d ago

You see, I'm not sure about that.

I understand what you are saying, but I don't have that much faith in the standard gamer consumer.
I didn't buy MW2. I don't like FPS's and from most of the reviews I saw, just wasnt all that great. (Even more so that I don't like online very much). So I didn't buy it. A 16-20 year old kid with all his buddies buying the game is going to have more of an issue with sticking to principal.

Here is how you make money hand over fist in gaming without having to do half of the work of the artists of the industry.
1) Create a decent game that you can actually play, but has no real innovation.
2) Market it to 16-20 year olds and have it ranked Teen to Mature
3) Create internet buzz
4) Convince reviewers by cash or other means (internet buzz seems to work as well), to rank the game well above its decent status. (Like 7 or 8).
5) Multiplat
6) Profit.

Tex1173241d ago

Oh and Activision doesn't care that it doesn't care about you.

It made 550 million in the last few weeks. Its not them to blame, its the gamers who buy the games.