Gamers Not Happy With Japanese Modern Warfare 2

Yes, Famitsu almost gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a perfect score, but Japanese gamers do not appear happy with the Japanese version. Here's why:


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TheHater3332d ago

Did I read that correctly? I know Famitsu reviews has been going downhill, but WTF? They gave MW2 a perfect score? Sorry, but that a fricken joke.

Zones3332d ago

They gave Modern Warfare 2 a 10/10/10/9, meaning 39 out of 40. Notice the word "almost".

So no, you didn't read that correctly. :O

TheHater3332d ago

Oh, thank god. But shill, a fricken 39/40?

THE MAX SPEED 213332d ago

where did I miss the perfect score quote.

Zones3332d ago

They have recently started giving 'perfect' scores like candies, I mean just this year they have 4 games (Dragon Quest IX, Monster Hunter Tri, Bayonetta and New Super Mario Bros. Wii) rated a 'perfect' 40/40.

And FFXIII still has yet to be released this year. O_O

Btw, while you are at it, why don't you approve this submission of mine, it still has zero approval. :(

colonel1793331d ago

they might not give FF 13 a perfect score just to rise controversy.

On the other hand, if it doesn't get perfect scores because the game is not good, then we could conclude Square Enix sucks now.. Only 1 week to find out

thereapersson3331d ago

Well, they gave HAZE a really high score too, so that says something, doesn't it?

Guido3331d ago

So that tells you right there that something is up with them. Sorry, but review scores these days are bought and paid for. Not trust worthy although, the MW2 scores seem right up my alley. I like the game though and have not jumped on the Infinity Ward hate bandwagon.

SaiyanFury3331d ago

Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of a bad localisation going wrong in Japan from a western game. I hope Eastern publishers looking to publish in the west, and Western publishers looking to publish in the east take notice. On a further not, SEGA please leave the Japanese voice track intact in Yakuza 3 when you bring it here. The original game was great, but trying to emote English voices into a clearly Japanese game doesn't work. The same is true for English games being emoted in Japanese games.

raztad3331d ago

Famitsu is becoming a joke. Throwing perfect scores like candies on Halloween.

SoapShoes3331d ago

And gamer's realize that. That's why they aren't buying into the hype Famitsu is trying to create.

ThanatosDMC3331d ago

Monster Hunter Tri shouldnt have gotten somewhere below normal MH ratings since it took out so much of what MHP2G/MHU put on the table.

rockleex3330d ago

Famitsu only gave perfect scores to the MOST hardcore games.

Vagrant Story. ^_^

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chidori6663331d ago

famitsu died after the review of haze..

too japanese people is smart and not buy this generic game.

grailly3331d ago

the problem is not only present in Japan. I'm in Switzerland and I'm stuck with the stupid french voices.

Automat3331d ago

change the system settings language on the ps3 to english and you should be good...

horndog3331d ago

throw in some swords and magic into the mix and everyone is happy.

Lykon3331d ago

ornamentals just like button mashers init and fluffy animals like foxes with penis's and school girls knickers with poo and wee stains from vending machines , and little tubes that businessmen sleep in and masturbate. but they do make ps3 so respect

DigitalAnalog3331d ago




-End Statement

calis3331d ago

I hate hearing Japanese voices and having to read english subtitles.
I'd prefer voice overs for sure.

Raf1k13331d ago

If it's a Japanese game then I'd prefer subs with the original Japanese voice overs since English dubs are usually really bad especially when it comes to anime.

Basically I prefer movies, games etc to be in their original sound with subs (if I don't know the language). It just sounds right that way. Try watching something like Oldboy with dubs and it'll completely ruin the experience.

calis3331d ago

It feels like I am missing a lot because I am reading the subtitles which is why I do not like it.

DigitalAnalog3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I don't really find the subtitles distracting. Even with comparing with dubbed films, I think I'm more attuned to viewing both the subtitles and watching the action on screen quite easily without issues. I hate dubs because:

- Culture reference. The dubs feel pantomimed when it doesn't fit with the character's actions. This is what probably made Metal Gear's

- Humor. The humor is modified to fit with the english-based audiences rather than viewing them at a foreign standpoint, technically it makes it look awkward (as noted above) since their actions do not deliver their lines/dubs in sync.

- Unnecessary over-exaggerated voice delivery. Playing star ocean on dubs just makes my ears hurt, nevermind the rest of the Anime/Gaming dubs.

Hence, that's why I prefer the original voice-acting as opposed to dubs.

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