Key Release: Ready at Dawn Engine

Develop Online:

It shouldn't need saying, but if any developer is going to suddenly enter the game engine licensing arena, it's going to need a reputation for excelling technically on at least one platform.

Few studios have managed to make such an impact on one platform as Californian studio Ready at Dawn. Its transferral of Sony's holy God of War and Jak &?Daxter franchises to PSP remains one of the platform's jewels (and the team's subsequent bombastic return of all of its PSP devkits gained just as much attention; the later U-turn less so).

The time since has seen them add PS3 and Xbox 360 support. But if you're a successful game studio, why burden yourself with the effort of breaking into a whole new market?

"We have been making games for more than six years now, so we're familiar with what it takes to see a project through," says studio president Didier Malenfant.

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