No Dpad - Preview of Upcoming 'Mission: Deep Sea'

No Dpad:

Now this is quite a concept that we haven't quite seen before: multitouch swimming. This adventure game takes place in the oceans, and you're guiding a sea turtle to unlock a secret and solve the mystery. For fans of adventure games, this should be definitely one to watch.

The story is described as follows:

Mission: Deep Sea takes place in the near future, where a neural-chip that enables the humans, command and feel the nervous system of primitive animals. In 2015, Snapstronics Incorporation's n-chip, succeeds on reptiles due to their primitive brain structure. This provides a way to benefit from the perks of these, otherwise wild animals. The fitted n-chips, transports the nerve commands between partners, without interfering the autonomous systems like breathing and digestion. This way, the human partner with the pairing n-chip, is able to command to the muscular system of the animal, and feel what it feels like his own.

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