Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition Unboxing

A Winner of the Uncharted 2 Tournament reveals images of the Fortune Hunter Edition.

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3244d ago
-Alpha3244d ago

Wow! Uncharted 2 FH Edition unboxing!

I've seen it so many times, but why not see it again!?

I mean, there are only 200 or so ever made, and EVERYBODY should show off their rare copy in the interwebz! Even though it's like 2 months too late! And even though this has been shown many times before! Maybe this one will be different? No? Oh well!



But seriously, this is getting old.

Darkeyes3244d ago

Ha ha, my bro managed to bag one for me from a guy who didn't know the importance of it can you believe it!!! He is currently in UK and is going back on the 6th.. Can't wait to get my hands on it. UC2 is one game that deserves a Collectors Edition to be kept in a show case.