Multiplayer Update Submitted for Modern Combat: Sandstorm

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Modern Combat: Sandstorm was revolutionary game by Gameloft that changed the standard of App Store games and took iDevice FPS graphics to a new level. However, most people that played the game agreed that a multiplayer update was in order, and true to their wishes Gameloft confirmed that this update was in the works. Though there was much skepticism, I am now announcing that this update has been submitted!

The update contains the long awaited online (and local) multiplayer via wi-fi and bluetooth, Gameloft LIVE support, and best of all, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes. Not only will you be able to frag each other in a free-for-all, but you will also be able to frag others with a friend! The update's current status is "Waiting For Review," and I'm hoping that changes soon. Once the update hits, Modern Combat: Sandstorm's gameplay and replayability will be taken to a new level, and gamers will be flocking to play another great multiplayer game.

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