Touch Arcade Review: 'Hippo High Dive' – Don't Get Burnt (On Those Rings)

Touch Arcade:

With simple roots as a mere prototype produced at the overnight 360iDev Game Jam, Imangi Studios' latest game Hippo High Dive was released this evening. While the core gameplay concept has remained the same, nearly everything else has been significantly spruced up, improved, or otherwise tweaked.

As the title of the game may imply, you play as a hippo, and you jump off a high dive– hopefully landing in a small pool of water below. Of course it's not that easy, between you and the pool are a series of flaming hoops that you need to navigate your plump posterior through on the way down by tilting your iPhone. Miss a ring and you lose a life, also if you hit the edge of a flaming ring (and get burnt) twice you will lose a life. Thanks to the surprisingly resilient skin of your average hippopotamus, you have three lives to reach the bottom.

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