'Backbreaker Football' 1.1 Content Update Released

Touch Arcade:

NaturalMotion's Backbreaker Football is part physics engine tech demo and part arcade sports game combined together to create a tilt-controlled pick up and play experience that is extremely enjoyable despite being so simple.

The gameplay of Backbreaker is structured in to a series of challenges where you run down a football field juking, spinning, and sprinting past defenders attempting to tackle you. You run by tilting your device forward, and the direction you run is controlled by tilting left or right similar to how you would control a racing game.

The different levels start simple, initially only asking you to evade a few defenders on a wide open field. Backbreaker quickly adds a twist with the inclusion of red lines on the field that you must run between without getting tackled. Step across one of these lines and you have to start the whole level over.

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