GrE: Hands-On Preview: MAG

GrE writes, "Let me make this clear: I hate online multiplayer like you wouldn't believe. Still, there is something extremely intriguing about a game that claims to offer live action play with over 250 players per game.

So here we have the concept for MAG or Massive Action Game. So many commentators have said that games with this many people will not work. There are too many things to go wrong and at best the games will end up in chaos. I say: let chaos reign free because never in my life have I had so much fun playing online..."

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bgrundman3295d ago

Who really wants to play with 256 players? That sounds like a lagfest to me.

wondroushippo3295d ago

And it doesn't quite sound like the kind of experience I'd want to take part in. I like casually jumping in and out if need be.

cyberwaffles3295d ago

play the beta before you speak. although i don't enjoy mag as much as i used too, lag was never a problem for me. domination runs smooth and only every once in a blue does a hitch come up.

ironically, there's less lag in MAG than COD so if anything, you'd be doing yourself a favor to try out MAG if you're not a fan of lagging.

Silly gameAr3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I thought that it would be pretty laggy in the beta, but no. It ran pretty smoothly. If they can keep it as smooth in the real game, where the real server strain will begin, I'll be impressed.

Little side note though, If you don't have any friends that you play with on a regular basis, make some. It would help to have headsets too.

jjohan353295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

MAG actually isn't chaotic at all. Plus like one of the comments below me stated, there's less lag in MAG than in MW2. The entire game is very team oriented, based primarily on completing objectives.

I disliked the first 2 hours because I had no idea what was going on. After 2 hours and understanding the gameplay (plus having squadmates who communicate), the game was really fun for the next 18-20 hours. It's very revolutionary for the FPS.

But after 25 or so hours of gameplay, the game starts to fall apart very quickly. You see in most other FPS games that rely on deathmatch or capturing zones, it's you pitting yourself against another player. The maps don't get old too quickly because the challenge is primarily your skill against another player's skill.

The problem with MAG is that it's not necessarily up to individual skill. It's teamwork skill. But that's not the problem either. The real problem is that the game depends heavily on the order of objectives laid out for each game mode and each map. Therefore the maps get old VERY QUICKLY (after 20 hours of playing) because you're using the same strategy over and over, whether you're attacking or defending. There isn't much room to vary your strategy because the maps are set up to work with only a few different strategies. The maps get old, the strategies get old, and it just feels like attacking the same thing over and over again. Imagine playing the single campaign of any FPS over and over, but condensed in less time. In fact I'd say imagine playing the same few levels in a single campaign of any FPS game over and over forever. You'll catch my drift.

I don't think Zipper foresaw this problem. In the process of revolutionizing the FPS genre, they created new problems that seriously need to be addressed before this type of game reaches critical success. And please don't tell me that I haven't found a good team to play with. All 8 of us play together regularly, all with mics, all communicating very clearly on enemy position as well as FRAGOs. I've also played all three factions, all three game modes, and on all maps both defending and attacking.

presto7173295d ago

I wish I was in the BETA. This is driving me nuts...

BattleAxe3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

When you try to capture points on the map, its just as chaotic as HALO and infact its actually Resistance 2 re-skinned as a military shooter. Personally my money is on BattleField: Bad Company 2, Ghost Recon: Predator and Socom(new map pack). MW2 won't keep me satisfied for long.

jjohan353295d ago

To the comment above me, I actually dislike the Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta a lot for 2 major reasons and 1 minor reason. Minor reason first: the jagged edges really need to be toned down somehow. It's very distracting since it's difficult to discern enemy movement from a jagged edge of a random object.

Two major reasons: I have always hated rush mode in all battlefield games (primarily bad company 1). The beta is no different. I much prefer conquest mode, which I'm sure will be included in the retail game.

2nd major reason: The game's aim assist (auto aim) is worse than the majority of FPS games I've owned/played (including MW2). The crosshairs literally glue to the enemy even if he's running across the screen. Seriously this auto aim/aim assist needs to be completely removed from the game. Please let aiming rely on skill, not on some tacked/glued on crosshairs.

BattleAxe3295d ago

@ jjohan35

Yeah, the anti- aliasing in MW2 is pretty well non existant too. I haven't played the beta, but I really enjoyed the first BattleField Bad Company. I had no idea that there was auto-aim in Bad Company 2. If so, then I agree that it should be removed from the game.

Bloodshoteyz3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This game is great, i usually play a sniper finding somewhere good to hide and just pick ppl off... i f#$^*n love it. It could use minor improvements and for some reason although off topic i am loving BFBC2 Beta way more. Mag is going to be a sweet game though when its a finished product for anyone who enjoys tactical and not run n guns.

Shang-Long3295d ago

i understand some of the things ppl are sayin but its a beta with only 2 modes. i love it n i dont like FPS. but i will say im expecting an 8 or 8.5 from the game which is still good right? but it wont change my pre order

jjohan353295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Everyone I've played MAG with absolutely hates snipers. We don't care if there are snipers on the opposing team, but we hate snipers in our own squad. Snipers contribute absolutely nothing to the game unless they're defending (in which case everyone is required to camp and wait for the enemy to come and take the objectives).

You cannot take any objectives, which is the entire point of the game, by sniping. And most kills you make by sniping will get revived anyway. I once was on a squad where 4 of the 8 squad members were sniping. How on earth did they expect the remaining 4 to assault and take control of the objectives?

Contrary to your statement, the gameplay mechanics does allow running and gunning. Just count the number of lives you are required to lose from wave after wave of assaulting the objective.

jjohan353295d ago

There are total of 5 game modes in MAG. Training, Suppression, Sabotage, Acquisition, and Domination. The only two modes we can't access are Training and Suppression. Do not expect much from those two modes once the full game is released because Training is just a tutorial, while Suppression consists of mini games that you play with members from your own faction only! The developers cycle between sabotage, acquisition, and domination. If you've played the beta long enough, you've played all three game modes.

house3295d ago

with that said i have a few gripes about the game

1. it seems like there are very few things to work for once you have played for about 5 hours or so its like wtf do i do now Ive already done this.

2. there are very few guns in this game to the point were it comes down to basicly three types rifle shot gun sniper and to be honest this one is the one that bothers me the most.

but the great part about this game is that there is very little lag ive only gotten lag one time in about 5 hours of game play hopefully zipper fix these issues

raztad3294d ago

MAG is awesome.

32 x 32 is enough to get you tasting the closest to a real world most of us will be ever, but 128x128 domination is something unbelievable.

MAG was a meh/no buy in my books, before the beta. Now it is in my must buy list.

3294d ago
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starven3295d ago

I am curious how the server will handle all players. Just sounds to damn confusing to me.

squif3295d ago

I bet this turns servers to slag in a matter of moments once it officially launches.

Bgibbs3295d ago

Servers handle the all the players just fine. I've only experience lag on two occasions.

Bloodshoteyz3295d ago

Yea so far ive had nothing but a smooth experience on there servers

shawnsl653295d ago

servers are extremely smooth. I found a bug though. If someone spawns on you at the same time you're spawning, you fall off the map lol..

This game (surprisingly) doesn't give me motion sickness like I do when i played killzone2. This gives me that old counter strike feeling.. very good thing.

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bgrundman3295d ago

This will be successful because everyone loves Zipper. Their SOCOM games were great!

wondroushippo3295d ago

Yeah, but still, the concept oozes massive failure if not done right. You can't get 6v6 teams to are you gonna get 128v128?!

JohnTheBaptist3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This is being released with the poor aiming skills of the Sonyflopfan in mind. More targets will be available in the hope that the average ps3 owner can actually connect a bullet with their intended victim.

All credit due to the developers for seeking a solution to the disadvantage shared by Sonyflopfans around the world who have difficulty playing FPS games (well, any game really) due to the poorly designed ps3 controllers and a general lack of gaming skill.

cyborg69713295d ago

John wasn't a baptist he was a john. C0ckgobbler.

Anorexorcist3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

why didn't you just stay dead? You clearly have no stable hold on 21st century reality.

Was talking completely out of your a$$ a common activity for you even way back when?

You clearly do not know consoles or gaming. Go back to playing with some sticks and sh*ting in the sand, now will you?

kaveti66163295d ago

This reminds me that I need to make a "KingHerod" account.

BlindBandit3295d ago

I play it it's crappy, Socom is better.