All Pro Football 2K8 Cover Revealed

Not to be outdone by the announcement of Vince Young as the current cover boy for Madden 08, 2K Sports has started listing the cover of All Pro Football 2K8 at major retailers...

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SETBAK4573d ago

Finally a football game I am interested in buying. Bring on the pain!

Seraphim4573d ago

Yeah, I saw this earlier while browsing games online (ebgames? Good luck selling this game with that cover. While the players are appropriate to bolster sales and garner attention the cover itself in it's artwork is not...

Raziel McGee4573d ago

I'm more likely to but this game because, it's just not Madden. Finally a fresh new football game other than the same old game rehashed year after year. forget madden

Bloodmask4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

same here. EA will be forced to actually do more with Madden. Ive always thought 2K was the better all around football game. I think that 2K was starting to go neck and neck with Madden and that is when EA paid for exclusive rights to the NFL licence. All pro will be good for football fans everywhere bc competition will always breed better products...

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