Fist of the North Star Game Dated, Is Already Dead

The post-apocalyptic martial arts manga Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) is coming to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in Japan in March 2010. Dubbed Hokuto Musou, it's part of Koei's successful "Musou" series of games.

Get ready to punch people into BLOODY EXPLOSIONS!

As we previously posted, the manga debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures.

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LONEWOLF2313245d ago

Great stuff man!
The Anime is freaking awesome and the manga is epic! Cant wait for this title!

RememberThe3573245d ago

And that scares me. Koei couldn't make a deep action game if it meant the world.

Here's to hoping, though.

ABizzel13245d ago

I like the art style of the picture used for this article, but I expect Dynasty Warriors. There have only been 2 great anime games, as far as I'm concerned DBZ Budokai 3, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. They are very good anime fighting games.

Noctis Aftermath3245d ago

Old style looks pretty bad imo, also whats up with the title.. "is already dead" how is it dead? japan doesn't have anything major that releases in march except for GT5 or is their other games i am not aware of?

Baka-akaB3244d ago

@noctis ...
It's harmless fun , it's a reference to a line from the manga and anime itself .


The jojo bizarre adventures games , especially the less obscure fighting game were quite good .

And as far as naruto games go ... the ps2 narutimate were better . The ps3 however got a marvelous realisation and is still fun , but a major stepdown from an already quite rich narutimate ps2 serie .

The Hack games easily outshines it's anime counterpart that are all hype and no worthwhile substance (besides the marvelous musics and songs).

The Bleach Heat the Soul serie on psp is a much better fighter imo than DBZ be it tenkaichi or budokai .

The Gundam VS serie of games (Federation VS Zion) , and gundam Seed based titles are quite excellent for the genre .

Berserk was a great action game on dreamcast , and an almost perfect rendition of an important part of the manga on PS2 .

Initial D game are usually quite fun too and retranscript fully the anime and it's music

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Godmars2903245d ago

Ken moving with burring speed making hundreds on minions explode and fly all over the place.

What we're likely to get: Dynasty Warriors clone w/FotNS characters. People will still explode, but in lame animation.

ShinFuYux3245d ago

Berserk anime is better.

RememberThe3573245d ago

But this is still one badass anime.

Keowrath3245d ago

As you can probably tell from my Avatar, Berserk is my favourite Anime ever. FoTNS get's major props from me though, loved both the manga and the animes. In fact FoTNS was one of the animes that got me into japanese animation in the first place.

We've had some decent enough Berserk games on PS2 and DC(Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a next gen game) but EVERY FoTNS game I've played has stunk to high heavens!

Really looking forward to this. March is going to be a VIOLENT month with this and GoWIII!

LONEWOLF2313245d ago

I highly agree.
I love the whole self-sacrifice for love and revenge story that Berserk has under its belt. But as stated before FoTNS is bad ass indeed!
Speaking of Berserk im anxiously waiting for the next chapter in the manga. And word of the mouth is that the anime series will continue.

Polluted3245d ago

You guys see the English movie with Malcolm McDowell? Yikes. What a stinker.

Socomer 19793245d ago

Those developers did a amazing job with Naruto Ultimate Nija Storm.
They should always be in charge when making anime games. They really made good use of the bluray in thier ps3 exclusive fighter.

Baka-akaB3244d ago

I'm happy they dont . other bandai studio should instead license their engine and do their own crap with it .

Unlike the dbz studio and others , C2 connect at least got a good original franchise that keeps getting better and better : .Hack .

And they seems to have other projects as well and to aspire to more than the "anime license guys"

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