IGN: What's Next for Rock Band?

The Rock Band music library recently surpassed 1,000 songs -- that's a lot of downloadable music to play along with. So what does the future hold for the revolutionary rhythm game? IGN caught up with MTV Games to find out.

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sak5003432d ago

How about a broken band? ENough of this milked to death franchise of guitar heroes and rockbands.

Myst3432d ago

Rock band has exceeded all that I wanted from the game to be honest, the main thing I'd like in Rock band 3 is just more customization options and that's it actually. Even then I don't even really need that. As long as they keep releasing stuff on the store that I can download and apply to the next rock band then all is well.

If possible bands from other countries I suppose is something I'd also like to see..?

whothedog3432d ago

Rockband Roadies!

Who can scream the loudest and get back stage by doing "tricks" for the bouncers.