Vegas mayor craps out on Rainbow Six

Local leader says he'll examine legal options to prevent the game's release, claims it could be "economically harmful" to the city.
By Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot
Posted Jul 13, 2006 10:11 am PT
North Korea. Venezuela. Las Vegas. A mutual disapproval of games makes strange bedfellows. Officials from all three of these places have decried games based within their jurisdictions.

In May, Venezuelan legislator Gabriela Ramirez called Pandemic Studios' upcoming shooter Mercenaries 2 " a justification for imperialist aggression." In the game, players drop into Venezuela to help settle an oil dispute, take on "a power hungry tyrant," and blow stuff up.

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Dick Jones6171d ago

He just doesn't want people to even consider vegas casinos might get taken over by terroists. I know its just a game, but I can see his side too.

Trickedbullet6171d ago

What about all the negative crap made in almost every movie made in Vegas? He should be more worried about that instead of a GAME! I am now 100% positive that politians, all of them, are retards. All politians are or should be in the group known as R.A.G.E. Retards Against Gaming Entertainment. I give credit to Gamedestroyer88 for thinking up this wonderful group. It is so very fitting.

USMChardcharger6171d ago

come on!! he is just using this to get himself and vegas some attention. attention he doesn't need.
i agree with about all those movies. and when did vegas have a good image anyway? sin city?

BOOSTIN6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

is he gonna go after CSI next for showing tons of brutal crime scenes?? thats [email protected]!

dfb19776170d ago

after watching 300 Miles to Graceland that with some technical know-how, automatic weapons and a helicopter I to can rip off a Vegas Casino and escape to Canada. Oh what the hell I'm gonna round up my mates and go take over the whole town. Seriously though I know there are some dumb people in the world...but please!

Krimson6170d ago

This is retarded. For once Vegas will be associated with Hero's, fighting terrorism, instead of drugs/sex/gambling/mafia.

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