The Most Brutal Kills In the God of War III Demo

The God of War III demo is currently as rare as a hair on your favourite slaphead's skull. Right now, it's only available to select punters lucky enough to have been sent a special code by Sony, people who've bought the ace God of War: Collection or those who've pre-ordered the collector's edition at certain stores. Even though GamesRadar has already played it at E3, the 11 minute demo messily reminded them of just how ridiculously violent Kratos' latest adventure is.

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Rumor Monger3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

for in EU there is no Demo code for GOW3..please^^
PM me

anticooper3296d ago

gow 3 demo is in the gow collection, ps3 is region free so importing is no problemo. Peace:-)