Cheat On Your Console

GamesRadar has prepared every salacious, scandalous detail about the console you said you'd never turn to. Go on, it's all right to look – eyeball those exclusive games as they analyse what's hot and what's not about each of the major platforms.

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OtherWhiteMeat3429d ago

I'll stay faithful to my PS3 but the Xbox 360 is tempting.Well written article with no fanboyism in sight.

VladimirK3429d ago

I agree, very good article.
Funny aswell, at first I thought it would be just one of these ones made to make fanboys flame each other.

Really looking forward to Heavy Rain though, didn't know it was by the same people that done Fahrenheit before I read this.

Myst3429d ago

A pretty good article and certainly reminded me of a few games I've wanted as well as really liked. Folklore is still one of my favorite PS3 games up along with Demon's Souls, it's not as challenging or even close to as Demon's Souls, but it just has something about it that makes me like the game.

Now if only I could get a bundle for all of the DLC of the game, which I know won't happen; but it's okay to dream every now and again :).

Also I should play that game again tonight and take a break from Demon's Souls..