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Godmars2903244d ago

So the NA boxart is the same as the EU boxart?

LordMarius3244d ago

unfortunately, looks really plain
Lazy work

Godmars2903244d ago

Was trying to be sarcastic about the guy's journalistic skills. The obvious amount of research done.

With his one sentence article...

Blaze9293244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

What's to be sarcastic about? He posted the image, plain and simple. Why would they research something about a box art?

Same thing was done here:

People will click and are only interested to see the image then will close the page. Why go on about something no one will read?

ProA0073244d ago

Ha, I guess since the press release was only 1 sentence that means Square Enix's PR department has terrible PR skills.


iamtehpwn3244d ago

The epic Box art NA/EU of FFX and FFXII: Collector's'd think that XIII would get...well..nvm I guess o_O;

eagle213244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

it was made for PS3 box anyway... :)

presto7173244d ago

Is she left handed? And good job with the revealing crotch lolz

FACTUAL evidence3244d ago

sh!t is disgusting...seriously..if they weren't going to make it plain like the JP box art they should of one it like every other american FF box far this is the worst box art i've saw for FF in america...dam!

likedamaster3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

It's a great looking box art. It jumps out at you as an interesting game to the average newbie. I remember playstation's first FF box art(FFVII).

Lifendz3244d ago

on how many discs for the 360 version?

Saaking3244d ago

The green really ruins it. Thankfully, I'll be getting the PS3 version.

Lifendz3244d ago

I agree. I know that makes me a fanboy to many of you, but I really think the aesthetics of 360 game cases are really negatively impacted by the green. The PS3 game cases just look sleek. The black allows the game's art to dominate and the black is there to accentuate that art. The 360 cases are almost always dominated by the green.

NoBias3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

So now it matters about the color of the box that the game comes in? lol

This site is hilarity.

WHO gives a damn??! When I'm playing games, I'm staring at the screen... Not the box art sitting on the ground...

ablecain3244d ago

I personally stare at the case while I play a game. I still can't figure out why people think Uncharted 2 has such great graphics

doeman3244d ago

"article".. lol.

anyways, there is no proof saying that it's official. it's JUST a picture of the european boxart. that doesn't mean it'll be the same for north america. the boxart for ff12 in europe was different from america, so why not the same with ff13???

The Great Melon3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

@Saaking, Lifendz, NoBias

Cases do influence my decisions when I buy games. I refuse to buy any of the PS3's greatest hits because of the ugly red boxes. They're hideous. I wish they would have gone with blue cases just like the movies' cases.

Also the redesign of the ps3 cases annoys me to no end now. Everything looks nice and organized on my shelf until you come to Uncharted 2 with the new box art.

elpresador3244d ago

....with talking about the box art and case color. I mean none of the FF games have ever had a super dee duper box art as it doesnt need it as the name alone will sell it.

Man, this is as bad as a few threads on IMDB about the newest star trek film where fanboys of the old series refused to watch this new one just because Kirk's eye color is wrong.

Yu all are sad pathetic looser fanboys, seriously, get a life.

Lifendz3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I swear you can't even make conversation anymore without someone jumping in with "now it's about game cases and not the games!?!" No man. It was just a discussion. I feel the PS3 cases are more pleasing to the eye than the green cases of the 360. Last gen I thought Gamecube cases were more pleasing to the eye. The gen before I thought Saturn cases had the artistic edge.

It was just conversation. In no way does something that insignificant have anything to do with the quality of the game or the system. It'd be like me saying I think the Charger powder blue's look better than the Colts' jerseys. Doesn't necessarily mean I think the Chargers are the better team.

@The Great Melon: Cases have never influenced what system I buy a game for. My preference for a controller, higher reviews, word of mouth, exclusive features, etc, etc all have. But cases? No. It was just small talk man. I didn't expect the fanboy backlash but I guess I should've.

TheTwelve3244d ago looks wrong and illogical with the Xbox 360 green. Very nasty.


DJ3244d ago

The bright green of Xbox and Xbox 360 games does have a negative impact and whatever box art is thrown at it. PS3 game cases look slicker. No doubt.

ia_studio3244d ago

As a graphic designer/game programmer I know what they did there,

Let's say most box arts are jumpy and colorfull, this one would stand out easily.

vegnadragon3244d ago

Did you guys notice PSN on the cover?

The Great Melon3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )


I didn't mean to imply that choose games based on different cases between systems. I was more taking about uniformity in one brand. I don't like the Greatest Hits, Platinum version, etc. covers because they negatively impact the look of the original game with something like vibrant red (why red?!?!). Sorry if that sounded like a fanboy backlash, I just worded that the wrong way earlier. =)

SaiyanFury3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I'm not gonna say the green ruins it, but being a big Final Fantasy title, I was expecting the art to be a little more poetic/epic looking. Like FF7's boxart with Cloud looking upon Shinra's headquarters and the sheer hurdle overcoming his enemy poses. Or FF8 with Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer, with Sorceress Edea looking upon all of them showing the possible history and relationships between the characters. I have to say I find it a bit disappointing, and not very inspirational. I leave it up to personal opinion, and that was just my two cents.

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Bumpmapping3244d ago

Xtards have a ugly box with 5 disc and inferior looking version with lost audio LOL!

MGSR THE HD VERSION3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

naw, check again, 360's version gets a better leg and sword shot, while ps3's get's a cropped shot and has a rating stamp on the leg.

Haloreacharound3244d ago

I hope we bots get an achievement for disc-swapping at the very least :(

Wait it's not an FPS?!! RAAAAGE


CernaML3244d ago

Wow... You people complain and brag about the most trivial things ever.

7ero H3LL3244d ago

i'm guessing you have 5 accounts there (Haloreacharound)

Elvfam5113244d ago

least in the ps3 box art

It's closer to the vagina the important part lmao

Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

they'll need the space for the additional 3 discs. LoL

That screams downgrade just like Start Ocean IV. Less characters, less quests, less dialogue, less game... =(

3244d ago

of course he has multiple accounts, the only person he has added to his track list is me :)

lolz, ps3 gamers trying to make a disk swapping's ok im not lazy like you retards are and you can use your 20 accounts to make an other lame statement. it's befitting for weak ps3 droids to use steroids and dummy accounts to prove there points..

Bumpmapping3244d ago

LOL well 360 owners don't buy JPRGS,guess SE figured "Leg shot" would get you people to buy something other than a shooter.

Haloreacharound3244d ago

and while you typed,

another 360 got an rrod

jump in


there's you guys right there.

and that's the reason why you nerds need multiple accounts and enhancements.....and probably even sexual enhancements, you guys are all losers.

only an obsessed loser would want to take it upon himself to make each and everyone of these accounts, if it meant to back up 1 opinion.

likedamaster3244d ago

Wow, good find MGSR. ROFL. Hadn't come across that vid.

I agree also, 360 box art looks better. The game will most likely run and play better on 360 as well.

Anorexorcist3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

and here is a demonstration of how kiddie Microsoft rimmers like yourself are so obsessed with Halo have such a boner for Halo and nothing else.

Oh don't blame your mom for the release of this video, she just needs her idiot kid to get a life. Some would think that idiot fanboy kids like you would have discovered girls by now. Well no, cause Master Slave, uh I mean Chief is there for you every night before bedtime.

kaz-hirai3244d ago


"naw, check again, 360's version gets a better leg and sword shot, while ps3's get's a cropped shot and has a rating stamp on the leg. "

Well the PS3 version is saving on ink and paper !!!! ;-D!!!!!!

It only saves the planet!!!

gintoki7773244d ago

I said it once and Ill say it again just for all the disagrees.

Fck Xbox =) I am still mad after it red ringed on me

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MGSR THE HD VERSION3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

mass effect2 has a better cover, it has more action in it.

there, now this place can get some hits.

camachoreloaded88063244d ago

its special edition looks way more baddass imo, with just the N7 showing.

I remember the special edition for FFXII looked pretty cool too, with just the judge in the background. I don't see why they wouldn't make a collector's edition for one of the most anticipated games of 2010, so here's to hoping the FFXIII special edition cover looks even better than the regular cover.

bjornbear3244d ago


Sorry but..that is NOT a great cover art =P and art is my fav thing out there, so i'm tolerant but...this is just HORRIBLE.

But fine fine...taste is after all something you are born with, not something you can be taught.

However, the FFXIII cover also sucks...

badz1493244d ago

err...what are you up to? FF boxart are always plain and white. you may say somewhat lazy but this is just generous!

TapiocaMilkTea3244d ago

All we need is a sticker in the corner promoting Leona Lewis latest hit single, might as well piss off more fans if not all.

GrandDragon3244d ago

I think the Box Art covers have always been simple and attractive and this one happens to have emphasized the leading character more so then any other previous cover.

I would have thought they would go with the usual attractive silhouette theme done in other previous games but they have added the main character as the main focus...

sikbeta3244d ago

"mass effect2 has a better cover, it has more action in it"

So, a better cover means a better game?

So this is the best game EVAAAR!!!!

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George Sears3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Square are lazy eh? No PR announcement or anything. =P


*EDIT: Seems as IGN is posting the same cover as the official one.


I think FFX is the only US FF game that got the cover right. Not to much, not to little, like budlight.

Marceles3244d ago

Gotta agree with you there, FFX's cover art was awesome

3rik3244d ago

That is why they keep making the same games over and over and over and over. And if they arn't making the same game with different visuals, then they are making a spin-off of the game. I'm amazed that people allow Square Enix to do this but they say Halo is being milked after 5 games. How many games are there with Final Fantasy in the title?

abc12333244d ago

wtf, please enlighten me as to which 2 games in the entire series is the same? each main instalment brings new characters, new worlds, new visuals, and usually new systems. Halo is just the same world with the same theme, each final fantasy instalment has a completely different story (besides the generic good vs evil thing, but then most RPGS have that anyway). The only instalments which were remotely similar were X and X-2 but its obvious why they are anyway.

DevastationEve3244d ago

I love FF X but because of it FF X 2 was possible, and that I will never forgive. Lol.

But yeah, they definitely had great box art.

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queerbearandchicken3244d ago

They don't like RPG's, only Gaylo and queers of war